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last changeSun, 28 Oct 2012 21:56:41 +0000 (14:56 -0700)
2012-10-28 Devil BoyVersioned to 3.7 master
2012-10-28 Devil BoyPut protocolGraph on a separate graph
2012-10-28 Devil BoyInitialized metadata for zombies and pigmen
2012-10-28 Devil BoyCasted integers to Objects to use the correct method
2012-10-28 Devil BoyAdded a Metrics graph to track users with ProtocolLib...
2012-10-28 Devil BoyCompiled against CB 1.3.2-R3.0
2012-10-17 Devil BoyShifted over to using ProtocolLib for packet- reception...
2012-09-14 KervinMoved "copyFields" method to override task class (Attem...
2012-09-09 KervinRe-added SpoutPlugin support
2012-09-08 KervinMade entityId databse store player instances as values
2012-09-07 KervinMoved PlayerMoveListener to its own class
2012-09-07 KervinRe-added that line in the DCNetServerHandler override...
2012-09-07 KervinVersion 3.5
2012-09-05 KervinRemoved customListener class
2012-09-05 KervinImproved MetaData packet function
2012-09-05 KervinTurned whether or not you lose your disguise on logout...
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