Compiled against CB 1.3.2-R3.0
[disguisecraft:supertt007s-disguisecraft.git] / ModelConfig.txt
2012-10-17 Devil BoyShifted over to using ProtocolLib for packet- reception...
2012-09-07 KervinMoved PlayerMoveListener to its own class
2012-09-07 KervinVersion 3.5
2012-09-05 KervinRemoved customListener class
2012-09-05 KervinTurned whether or not you lose your disguise on logout...
2012-09-04 KervinPlayer disguises can now burn
2012-08-22 KervinAdded extra slime/magmacube sizes: bigger, massive...
2012-07-15 KervinVersioned to 2.9
2012-07-01 KervinRemoved the need for an injector by implementing a...
2012-04-23 Devil boyMade damage animations show onDamage
2012-03-19 Devil boyAdded more metadata handlers
2012-03-10 Devil boyCoded a configuration with "optionals" option