2012-11-29 Devil BoyMade world-change update execute next tick
2012-11-29 Devil BoyAdded blocklock disable output
2012-11-29 Devil BoyFixed bat disguise being upside-down
2012-11-29 Devil BoyAdded tab completion to the commands
2012-11-27 Devil BoyMade NamedThreadFactory put all its generated threads...
2012-11-27 Devil BoyMade fallingblock have a default blockID
2012-11-27 Devil BoyAdded NamedThreadFactory to index
2012-11-27 Devil BoyMade the InvalidInteractevent only use one worker thread
2012-11-25 KervinFixed playerinfo packet not being send for player quits
2012-11-25 KervinTab list names show on join
2012-11-25 KervinAttempted to add in option to stop names from being...
2012-11-24 KervinMade "optionals" configuration more granular
2012-11-23 KervinblockData setting command parsing should work (crashes...
2012-11-23 KervinFixed zombie/pigzombie disguises crashing clients
2012-11-23 KervinAttempted code to handle changing block metadata
2012-11-21 KervinAllowed for the disguising to specific block materials
2012-11-15 Devil BoyRemoved test output
2012-11-15 Devil BoyAdded permissions and implemented for the object disguises
2012-11-15 Devil BoyRemoved javadocs from Git repository
2012-11-15 Devil BoyImplemented object disguises: boat, minecart, poweredmi...
2012-11-15 Devil BoyMade DisguiseCraft reload-safe
2012-11-14 Devil BoyCompatibility mode is no longer optional
2012-11-10 Devil BoyAdded the item pickup animation as part of the optionals
2012-11-09 Devil BoyMade it so that Zombies, Skeletons, and PigZombies...
2012-11-09 Devil BoyFixed PLPacketGenerator to identify destroy packet...
2012-11-08 Devil BoyAllowed ProtocolLib to handle the destroy entity packet
2012-11-08 Devil BoyVersioned to 3.9
2012-11-05 Devil BoyAdded PlayerPositionUpdater to git index
2012-11-05 Devil BoyCompiled with Latest CraftBukkit Beta build (1.4.2...
2012-11-04 KervinAdded new API methods that return lists of disguised...
2012-10-29 Devil BoyMade new permissions nodes for: bat, witch, wither
2012-10-28 Devil BoyVersioned to 3.7
2012-10-28 Devil BoyPut protocolGraph on a separate graph
2012-10-28 Devil BoyInitialized metadata for zombies and pigmen
2012-10-28 Devil BoyCasted integers to Objects to use the correct method
2012-10-28 Devil BoyAdded a Metrics graph to track users with ProtocolLib...
2012-10-28 Devil BoyCompiled against CB 1.3.2-R3.0
2012-10-17 Devil BoyShifted over to using ProtocolLib for packet- reception...
2012-09-14 KervinMoved "copyFields" method to override task class (Attem...
2012-09-09 KervinRe-added SpoutPlugin support
2012-09-08 KervinMade entityId databse store player instances as values
2012-09-07 KervinMoved PlayerMoveListener to its own class
2012-09-07 KervinRe-added that line in the DCNetServerHandler override...
2012-09-07 KervinVersion 3.5
2012-09-05 KervinRemoved customListener class
2012-09-05 KervinImproved MetaData packet function
2012-09-05 KervinTurned whether or not you lose your disguise on logout...
2012-09-04 KervinPlayer disguises can now burn
2012-09-04 KervinCompiled with 1.3.2-R0.1
2012-08-25 KervinRemoved SpoutPlugin support completely
2012-08-22 KervinAdded extra slime/magmacube sizes: bigger, massive...
2012-08-19 KervinUpdated MobSpawn packet constructor for 1.3.1 protocol
2012-08-17 KervinConverted to using Bukkit logger instead of System...
2012-08-15 KervinHandled disguise movements with the teleport packet
2012-08-08 KervinCompiled with latest RB (1.3.1 R1.0)
2012-08-03 KervinFixed people getting kicked for "Generic Reason" when...
2012-08-03 KervinRemoved SpoutPlugin support. It was causing compile...
2012-08-03 KervinVersioned to 3.2
2012-07-19 KervinVersioned to 3.1
2012-07-16 KervinVersioned to 3.0
2012-07-15 KervinVersioned to 2.9
2012-07-11 KervinAdded ability to send disguises to other players
2012-07-10 KervinVersioned to 2.8
2012-07-04 KervinAttempted to add Orebfuscator support
2012-07-03 KervinVersioned to 2.7
2012-07-02 KervinFixed Spout requirement
2012-07-02 KervinPush for Tux
2012-07-02 KervinDoes not require SpoutPlugin anymore
2012-07-02 KervinInjection is now compatible with SpoutPlugin
2012-07-01 unknownFixed plugin.yml
2012-07-01 KervinEdited plugin.yml so that disguisecraft.other.* is...
2012-07-01 KervinRemoved the need for an injector by implementing a...
2012-07-01 KervinVersioned to 2.6
2012-06-17 Devil boyUpdated APIDocs
2012-06-17 Devil boyAdded option to not pick up items
2012-06-14 Devil boyAdded permission node to disable monster targetting...
2012-06-09 Devil boyVersioned to 2.3
2012-04-23 Devil boyMade damage animations show onDamage
2012-04-23 Devil boyCoded a fix for the burning permissions bypass exploit
2012-04-22 Devil boyVersioned to 2.2
2012-04-01 Devil boyRemoved unused variable
2012-03-31 Devil boyMoved subtype listing to another command
2012-03-31 Devil boyFixed plugin.yml
2012-03-31 Devil boyAdded villager occupations
2012-03-30 Devil boyVersioned to 2.1
2012-03-29 Devil boyRecompiled jar for 1.2.4
2012-03-22 Devil boyAdded saddled pigs
2012-03-21 Devil boyFixed enderman block hold permission error
2012-03-21 Devil boyAdded the enderman holding block
2012-03-20 Devil boyBegan coding enderman holding blocks
2012-03-19 Devil boyFixed player sneaking
2012-03-19 Devil boyAdded more metadata handlers
2012-03-18 Devil boyVersioned to 1.9
2012-03-18 Devil boyVersioned to 1.8
2012-03-18 Devil boyFixed lingering metadata bug
2012-03-17 Devil boyFixed the tamed and aggressive wolves
2012-03-17 Devil boyBegan work on tamed/aggressive wolves (appears to requi...
2012-03-17 Devil boyAdded slime sizes
2012-03-16 Devil boyAdded charged creepers
2012-03-16 Devil boyUndid last commit