last changeSun, 13 Jun 2010 15:41:07 +0000 (11:41 -0400)
2010-06-13 Nathan R. YerglerNote Django 1.2 dependency in README. master
2010-06-13 Nathan R. YerglerNew version number (0.2.1).
2010-06-13 Nathan R. YerglerUpdated change_list, change_form to work with Django...
2010-05-06 NathanUpdated revision to 0.2.
2010-05-06 NathanFunction wrapping improvements and clean-up.
2010-05-06 NathanFixed bug with extracting model_view names (leftover...
2010-05-06 NathanObviously we didn't test model views that well -- shoul...
2010-04-19 Nathan R. YerglerVersion 0.1.1: Now with actual templates.
2010-04-19 Nathan R. YerglerAdditional derivative/backup files to ignore.
2010-04-19 Nathan R. YerglerInclude replacement templates in project distributions.
2010-04-19 Nathan R. YerglerPyPI package metadata, including contents of README.
2010-04-19 Nathan R. YerglerInitial documentation in README.txt.
2010-04-19 Nathan R. YerglerUse the registry as the sole source of views.
2010-04-19 Nathan R. YerglerTerminology changes.
2010-04-08 Nathan R. YerglerDecorators for registering instance and class actions.
2010-04-08 Nathan R. YerglerCustom admin site implementation.
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