2009-03-30 Johan SørensenSupport the nonewline Line type in the renderers master 892
2009-03-19 Johan SørensenSkip lines raising "invalid byte sequence" exceptions
2009-03-12 Johan SørensenMark complete-rewrite lines as not having inline changes
2009-03-05 Johan SørensenEven better inline_diff method
2009-03-05 Johan SørensenSimplified the generator class a bit, and made the...
2009-03-05 Johan SørensenShow both old and new linenumber in the debug output
2009-03-05 Johan Sørensenfix warning about uninitialized instance var
2009-03-05 Johan SørensenSupport the "\ No newline at end of file" syntax
2009-03-04 Johan SørensenWIP support for inline diffs
2009-03-04 Johan SørensenMoved to Test::Unit
2008-02-18 rickcalculate correct line numbers
2008-02-09 Johan Sørensendon't parse line number structure if it isn't part...
2008-02-09 Johan SørensenDon't support ModBlocks anymore
2008-02-03 Johan Sørensenadded before|after_sepblock and updated the readme
2008-02-03 Johan Sørensenwrapped up renderers
2008-02-03 Johan Sørensenimplemented Generator#process
2008-02-03 Johan Sørensenmore fleshed out datastructure and beginning of Generat...
2008-02-02 Johan Sørensenfleshed out the structure further
2008-01-28 Johan Sørenseninitial bare commit