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last changeTue, 2 Jul 2013 19:33:37 +0000 (21:33 +0200)
2013-07-02 Angela KarlMerge branch 'development' master
2013-07-02 Angela Karlmerge
2013-07-02 Angela Karlmerge
2013-07-02 Angela Karlversion 0.5.0
2013-07-02 Angela Karlsmall glitch
2013-07-02 Angela Karlfixed bug, wrong event display
2013-07-01 Angela Karlchanges in install.xml and events are toggled correctly
2013-07-01 Angela Karlevents are displayed in list of plan, can be edited...
2013-07-01 Angela Karlhandling for wrong user input
2013-07-01 Angela Karlevent info and edit event display information correctly
2013-07-01 Angela Karlrepeating events are displayed correctly, still needs...
2013-06-30 Angela Karlevents are submitted correctly to db, need displaying
2013-06-29 Angela Karlplans can be exported seperately
2013-06-25 Angela Karlwording
2013-06-25 Angela Karlquick navigation for years
2013-06-25 Angela Karlreminder sending function adjusted
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