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2011-04-08 D Herringmore documentation master
2011-04-08 D Herringa simple example now works
2011-04-08 D Herringput things in a package
2011-04-07 D Herringeverything now compiles fairly cleanly
2011-04-07 D Herring"clean up" the remainder by hand
2011-04-07 D Herringhandle function pointer defintions
2011-04-07 D Herringhandle most functions
2011-04-06 D Herringfirst cut at handling functions
2011-04-06 D Herringdone with first pass of constants
2011-04-06 D Herringhandle file creation flags
2011-04-06 D Herringhandle the basic API types (e.g. hid_t)
2011-04-05 D Herringmost of the code needed to handle the built-in data...
2011-04-05 D Herringbasic enum processing
2011-04-04 D Herringinitial notes on grovelling the HDF5 headers
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