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last changeMon, 15 Sep 2014 20:01:03 +0000 (22:01 +0200)
2014-09-15 Tormod Voldenman page: Mention -D - for reading firmware from stdin master
2014-09-15 Tormod Voldendocs: Also ship 40-dfuse.rules as example udev rules...
2014-09-13 Tormod Voldenwww: Update man page
2014-09-13 Tormod Voldenwww: Update home page for version 0.8
2014-09-13 Tormod VoldenAdd to EXTRA_DIST in v0.8
2014-09-13 Tormod VoldenRelease 0.8
2014-09-13 Tormod VoldenChangeLog: Mention
2014-09-13 Tormod Voldenmain, suffix, prefix: Update copyright years in banners
2014-09-13 Tormod Add tool for making DfuSe .dfu files
2014-09-13 Tormod Voldendfu_load.c: Cosmetic change of label (no free'ing done)
2014-09-13 Tormod Voldendfu_load.c: Only warn if status poll fails after completion
2014-08-21 Tormod Voldendevice-logs: Add Spark Core lsusb output
2014-08-21 Tormod Voldenwww: Add link to Homebrew for MacOSX
2014-08-15 Tormod VoldenFix final byte count reported on DfuSe downloads
2014-08-15 Tormod VoldenAssume DfuSe device is in DFU mode if bInterfaceProtoco...
2014-08-10 Tormod VoldenUpdate AUTHORS list
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