last changeSun, 16 Aug 2009 19:22:42 +0000 (14:22 -0500)
2009-08-16 Matt RogersAdd a 'droot' alias master
2009-07-11 Matt RogersAdd the ability for environments to require other envir... devenv-1.0
2009-07-08 Matt RogersMake sure we handle the no parameter case correctly
2009-07-07 Matt RogersAdd PATH exclusion support to devenv_use_standard_paths
2009-07-04 mattAdd a hook to set OBJ_REPLACEMENT
2009-07-04 mattAllow specifying a directory off the main build dir...
2009-06-13 Matt RogersAllow passing a directory off the main source to change to
2009-06-13 Matt RogersPretty up the environment listing
2009-06-06 Matt RogersAdd an environment variable for the install directory
2009-06-06 Matt RogersAdd a function to add icecream to the devenv path
2009-05-31 Matt RogersAdd a script to move to the patch directory for a project
2009-03-16 Matt Rogersallow dbd and dsd to make use of current options
2009-03-16 Matt Rogersfix syntax error
2009-03-16 Matt Rogersrename support scripts/functions: de -> d
2009-03-16 Matt RogersAdd autoload functions for switch to build dir and...
2009-03-16 Matt Rogerswhitespace cleanup
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