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2010-02-17 Luca BrunoForget about email in gpg public keys master
2010-02-17 Luca BrunoFix file open/save
2010-02-13 Luca BrunoSay rfc is not up-to-date in all its parts 0py
2010-02-13 Luca BrunoUpdate copyright 2010
2010-02-13 Luca BrunoCreate a README and some other information files
2010-02-13 Luca BrunoAdded useless copyright for
2010-02-13 Luca BrunoHandle error when unknown gpg
2010-01-30 Luca BrunoWorkaround for
2010-01-30 Luca BrunoNew TODO
2009-12-22 Luca Bruno[glasine] fix autoconnect on startup
2009-12-20 Luca Bruno[ciambela] fix to handle new sdchat spec. immediately...
2009-12-20 Luca Bruno[sdchat] fix tests according to new gpg secret key...
2009-12-20 Luca Bruno[sdchat] don't send empty avatar ids
2009-12-20 Luca Bruno[sdchat] move avatar.hello to node.hello
2009-12-20 Luca Bruno[sdchat] more robust error handling in node send/recv
2009-12-15 Luca Brunoget gpg key[8:] when getting default secret key
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