2012-05-13 Rocco Folinoinitial support to PPP protocol
2012-04-25 Rocco Folinoadded SLL protocol
2012-01-23 Rocco Folinominor changes
2012-01-21 Rocco Folinochaged debian configuration
2011-12-17 Rocco Folinoremoved payload structure
2011-12-17 Rocco Folinogetting iface info after pcap init
2011-12-17 Rocco Folinoimproved packet dissecting
2011-12-09 Rocco Folinoremoved tests
2011-12-09 Rocco Folinosupport debian packaging
2011-12-06 Rocco Folinocleanup
2011-12-06 Rocco Folinofixed bug in script engine
2011-12-04 Rocco Folinofixed bug in iface
2011-12-04 Rocco Folinominor fixes
2011-11-09 LordZeninitial groink man page
2011-09-16 LordZenbug fixing
2011-09-16 LordZenMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-16 LordZensome fixes
2011-09-16 Luca BrunoMemleak is not important when exiting the program
2011-09-15 Luca BrunoAllow specifying alternative selib directory path with...
2011-09-15 Luca BrunoSimplify handling scripts not in the scripts directory
2011-09-15 Luca BrunoSimplify append_script_dir and take in account symlinks
2011-09-15 Luca BrunoRevert previous commit, fix autodetecting the interface
2011-09-15 Luca BrunoDon't crash if the interface is not specified
2011-09-15 Luca BrunoFix some trivial C warnings
2011-09-15 Luca Brunobuildsys: Set -g3 and -O0 in debug mode
2011-09-15 Luca Brunobuildsys: Add for easily building from git
2011-09-15 Luca Brunobuildsys: Don't encourage make install directly, depend...
2011-09-15 Luca Brunobuildsys: Enable maintainer mode by default
2011-08-21 LordZenurlsnarf: decoding base64 url
2011-08-18 LordZenurlsnarf: script that sniff http url
2011-08-16 LordZenimproved show script
2011-08-14 LordZendissect method in the lua header object, it return...
2011-08-11 LordZenimproved dissector session management
2011-08-11 LordZendissector session management and ftp dissector
2011-08-11 LordZenadded func to script engine for passing captured packets
2011-08-08 LordZenftp decoder
2011-08-08 LordZenimproved output of the default script
2011-08-08 LordZenadded is_ipv6_addr function into netutil SELIB
2011-08-08 LordZenaddedd http decoder
2011-08-08 LordZendefault script
2011-08-08 LordZenfixed bug in dissector SE library
2011-08-08 LordZendissector SE library
2011-08-08 LordZenutil SE library
2011-08-08 LordZenurllib SE library
2011-08-08 LordZenhttp SE library
2011-08-08 LordZenbase64 SE library
2011-07-18 LordZenadded tostring field in arp and pppoe decoder
2011-07-13 LordZenimplemented OUI database and removed selib ouidb
2011-07-13 LordZenadded field 'tostring' in the packet struct. This field...
2011-07-11 LordZencleanup
2011-07-11 LordZenimproved decoding errors management
2011-07-10 LordZensetted AM_SILENT_RULE for makefile
2011-06-24 LordZensupported ICMPv6 router adv message
2011-06-24 LordZensupport ICMPv6 router and neighbor solicitation messages
2011-06-14 LordZenICMPv6 support in show script
2011-06-14 LordZendefined ICMPv6 code messages
2011-06-14 LordZensupport to ICMPv6 parameter problem message
2011-06-14 LordZensupport to ICMPv6 packet too big message
2011-06-14 LordZensupport to ICMPv6 echo request, echo reply, dest unreac...
2011-06-14 LordZenbase support to ICMPv6
2011-06-12 LordZenIPv6 extension headers management in the IPv6 decoder
2011-06-05 LordZenfixed a bug into cleanup code
2011-06-05 LordZencode cleanup
2011-06-05 LordZenimproved packet injection module
2011-06-02 LordZenused pcap_loop instead pcap_next
2011-06-01 LordZenmassive cleaning up code
2011-05-31 LordZensupport multiple IPv6 addresses per iface; fixed packet...
2011-05-12 LordZengetting IPv6 info from passed iface
2011-05-11 LordZenSE IPv6 object
2011-05-11 LordZenIPv6 support to packet forwarding module
2011-05-11 LordZentesting enviroment
2011-05-10 LordZenIPv6 address support. Added three functions into netutil:
2011-05-06 LordZenIPv6 header
2011-05-04 LordZenadded script that isolate an host in the netz
2011-05-04 LordZenARP Poisoning MiTM attack
2011-04-23 LordZenpacket forwarding module
2011-04-22 LordZenMiTM attacks module
2011-04-21 LordZenadded host discovery module
2011-04-21 LordZenpacket injection module
2011-04-21 LordZenICMP decoder and selib ICMP header object
2011-04-21 LordZenUDP decoder and selib UDP header object
2011-04-21 LordZenTCP decoder and selib TCP header object
2011-04-18 LordZenadded IPv4 protocol
2011-04-18 LordZenadded proto methods to selib header object; added PPPoE...
2011-04-18 LordZenadded raw header - this header contains only raw data
2011-04-18 LordZenadded support of PPPoE tags
2011-04-17 LordZenadded PPPoE protocol
2011-04-17 LordZenadded arp protocol;
2011-04-13 LordZenadd script that show info about dissected packets
2011-04-13 LordZenadded script that dump received packet in ascii, esadec...
2011-04-13 LordZenadded core, dump, netutil, bit, ouidb SE libraries
2011-04-13 LordZenchanged url of ieee oui list file
2011-04-12 LordZenadded method to selib lua packet object
2011-04-12 LordZenupdated todo list
2011-04-10 LordZenimplemented packet and header management into script...
2011-04-03 LordZendefault script
2011-04-03 LordZenadded script engine
2011-04-02 LordZenused utlist.h instead of list.h
2011-04-02 LordZenimproved packet management and decoder module
2011-04-02 LordZenimproved packet management and decoder module