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last changeSat, 25 May 2013 02:55:42 +0000 (04:55 +0200)
2013-05-25 markus tornowadding +gh for github to debian/changelog version,... master
2013-05-25 markus tornowMerge tag 'upstream/3.6.0+gh'
2013-05-25 markus tornowImported Upstream version 3.6.0+gh upstream upstream/3.6.0+gh
2013-05-25 markus tornowpoint debian/watch to github, gemwatch has no
2013-05-24 markus tornowrenaming patch which removes require rubygems from...
2013-05-24 markus tornowImported Upstream version 3.6.0 upstream/3.6.0
2013-05-24 markus tornowMerge tag 'upstream/3.6.0'
2013-05-24 markus tornowdeleting .gitignore to merge with new upstream release
2013-05-09 markus tornowfinal editing of debian/{changelog,remove-remote-tests) debian/3.5.0-2
2013-05-09 markus tornownew changelog for (3.5.0-2) with info about remove...
2013-05-09 markus tornowimplementing patch supplied by bug #706517, Felix...
2013-04-10 Cédric Boutillierremove TODO debian/3.5.0-1
2013-04-10 Cédric Boutillierremove debian/ to ruby-mini-magick...
2013-04-05 markus tornowchanging Description debian/control as advised by debia...
2013-04-04 markus tornowchanging Description: in debian/control
2013-04-04 markus tornowchanging version of imagemagick in debian/control and...
4 years ago upstream/3.6.0+gh Upstream version 3.6.0+gh
4 years ago upstream/3.6.0 Upstream version 3.6.0
4 years ago debian/3.5.0-2 Debian release 3.5.0-2
5 years ago debian/3.5.0-1 Debian release 3.5.0-1
5 years ago upstream/3.5.0 Upstream version 3.5.0
4 years ago master
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