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2012-12-06 Cédric BoutillierActivate VCS-* fields master
2012-12-06 Cédric Boutillierimprove description
2012-12-03 markus tornowadded ITP to debian/changelog
2012-12-03 markus tornowremoved the commented - old - Depends lines from debian...
2012-12-03 markus tornowremoving debian/, as there is no README...
2012-11-28 markus tornowreplaced ruby-json with ruby-multi-json as a build...
2012-11-28 markus tornowadded ruby-json, also as a build dependency
2012-11-28 markus tornowadded ruby-rspec, also as a build dependency
2012-11-28 markus tornowas adviced by Praveen i added rake as a build-dependenc...
2012-11-27 markus tornowfinally: rake, ruby-rspec and ruby-echoe as deps in...
2012-11-27 markus tornowrake and ruby-rspec in debian/control, desperate try...
2012-11-27 markus tornowremoved rspec, added rake to debian/control
2012-11-27 markus tornowchanged rake to ruby-rspec in debian/control
2012-11-27 markus tornowadded rake as dependency, pbuilder build failed
2012-11-27 markus tornow deleted: debian/ruby-tests.rb
2012-11-27 markus tornow modified: changelog
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