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2014-01-02 Rajeev SAdded code to parse the "Matching" from the dot file. master
2013-05-30 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilfix missing quotes
2013-05-30 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilmake comments to echo, so we get verbose output
2013-05-30 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilfix filename
2013-05-30 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiluse
2013-05-30 Anish ABugfix: path changed
2013-05-30 Anish AChanged code such a way that it fetches dot file from...
2013-05-27 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilfix typo in variable name
2013-05-27 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilmake diasbar.cron executable
2013-05-27 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiladd a cron job file as an example
2013-03-19 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilupdate the template
2013-03-15 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiladd link to diaspora packaging wiki page
2013-03-11 Jishnu MohanMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-11 Jishnu Mohanfix missing js file
2013-03-11 Anish AChanged to index.html
2013-03-11 Anish AFixed HTML validation error
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