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last changeTue, 13 Jan 2015 19:29:37 +0000 (00:59 +0530)
2015-01-13 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiluse handlebars_assets deb master
2015-01-10 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilrails timeago is fixed
2015-01-10 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilupdate status message
2015-01-08 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiluse nginx config and env setup from -common
2015-01-08 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilfix nginx reload command
2015-01-08 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiljquery-idletimer is packaged
2015-01-07 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilsetup already installed init script
2015-01-07 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilrails versions are in sync
2015-01-07 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilremove scripts from install
2015-01-07 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiluse scripts from diaspora-common
2014-12-01 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilcheck exact match for devise
2014-11-30 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiluse sudo -i or uuid fails
2014-11-30 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiladd chat dependencies
2014-11-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyillower fog version, updating fog is in progress
2014-11-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilremove duplicate sequence prefix
2014-11-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiladd number to patch
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