2011-06-12 wakeradded more trace messages to sndfile plugin
2011-06-12 wakeradded id to stdio plugin
2011-06-04 wakerfixed proxy authentication bug in vfs_curl
2011-05-27 wakerbe verbose on plugin load failures
2011-05-27 wakerfixed reading id3/apev2 tags from raw aac
2011-05-23 wakerMerge branch 'i18n' of ssh://
2011-05-23 wakernuked iconv usage from sid plugin
2011-05-23 wakermpc c89 compile fix
2011-05-23 wakerfew android fixes
2011-05-23 secipollaCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2011-05-23 secipollaCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2011-05-23 wakeradded ddb_ prefix to dumb, shn and ao plugins;
2011-05-23 wakermono2stereo: added website and renamed to ddb_mono2stereo
2011-05-23 wakeradded website line to dsp_template example
2011-05-23 wakerfixed formatting bug in converter
2011-05-22 waker0.5.1
2011-05-22 wakerremoved converter_gtkui fallback version
2011-05-22 wakerminor junklib error check fix
2011-05-22 wakerunbreak shuffle
2011-05-22 wakerremoved Encoding from
2011-05-22 wakerengrish fix in hotkeys
2011-05-22 wakerMerge branch 'master' into i18n
2011-05-22 waker0.5.1 changelog
2011-05-22 wakertranslation upd
2011-05-22 wakerremoved bogus ; from alsa.c
2011-05-22 wakerfixed 16 to 32 bit converter
2011-05-22 wakerrenamed dsp pass_through to can_bypass
2011-05-22 wakeradded mono2stereo to portable build scripts
2011-05-22 wakerminor bugfix in pl_set_order
2011-05-22 wakerfixed regression in streamer dsp chain caused by adding...
2011-05-22 wakeradded null-ptr checks to artwork queue_pop
2011-05-22 wakeradded -fPIC to adplug CFLAGS
2011-05-22 wakerfixed action flag checking in hotkeys
2011-05-22 wakerfixed passing garbage column pointer to gtk_tree_view_s...
2011-05-22 wakerauto-add resampler to streamer dsp chain on 1st run
2011-05-22 wakerfix minor syntax error in plugin action handling
2011-05-22 wakerchanged cue loader to use VFS, for reading from archives
2011-05-22 wakercleaned up few bogus code lines in ddblistview.c
2011-05-21 wakermoved server_start to happen earlier, to prevent unwant...
2011-05-21 wakerimproved alsa channels setting
2011-05-21 wakerhardcoded api_version 1.0 into all plugins
2011-05-21 wakeradded pass_through support to SRC plugin
2011-05-21 wakeradded new DSP API pass_through, which allows to skip...
2011-05-21 wakerfixed sample remapping for all format conversions
2011-05-21 wakerreset streamer after sound reinit, to prevent misaligne...
2011-05-21 wakerconverter: set outfolder to $HOME if empty; few error...
2011-05-21 Jan D. Behrensallow converter to create subdirectories in output...
2011-05-21 wakerfixed alsa setformat channels fallback
2011-05-21 wakerfixed regression in SRC plugin
2011-05-20 wakerrestored "use alsa resampling" as an option, but now...
2011-05-20 wakeradded automatic samplerate option to resampler, as...
2011-05-20 wakeradded GUI option to control 8 to 16 bit auto-conversion
2011-05-20 wakerauto-convert 8 bit streams to 16 bit
2011-05-20 wakerminor fixes in sndfile plugin
2011-05-20 wakersndfile: added new metadata field for libsndfile format;
2011-05-20 wakerfixed U8 support in sndfile plugin
2011-05-20 wakerplay flac files which report numsamples=0
2011-05-20 wakerreload dsp and encoder presets on every converter access
2011-05-20 wakerfixed area-selection sticking after pressing left and...
2011-05-20 wakerremove -s option from AAC encoder preset
2011-05-20 wakerfix bug when trying to to previous track while standing...
2011-05-20 wakerremove bogus printf from init_shuffle_albums
2011-05-20 wakermore precise timing for libmms connect timeout
2011-05-20 wakerset initial item duration to -1
2011-05-20 wakerpatched libmms to support connection timeout after...
2011-05-20 wakerin shuffle albums mode, skip previous album tracks...
2011-05-20 wakerpass started_timestamp of previous track in songchanged...
2011-05-19 wakerdon't react on middle-button double-click in tray icon
2011-05-19 wakersend trackinfochanged after changing track metadata
2011-05-19 PraveenIllaCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2011-05-19 boobalooCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2011-05-18 wakerreset output format on streamer dsp reconfiguration
2011-05-18 PjotrCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2011-05-18 PjotrCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2011-05-18 wakeradded remaining 32_to_8/24/float conversions
2011-05-18 wakeradded int32 to int16 conversion
2011-05-17 wakerfixed regression in streamer format switching
2011-05-17 wakerturn on alsa trace messages
2011-05-17 wakerconverter: write 0 size to waveheader in pipe mode...
2011-05-17 wakerfixed gapless playback when DSP changes output format
2011-05-17 wakeradded mono2stereo dsp plugin
2011-05-17 wakerfixed bug when DSP plugin changes number or channels
2011-05-16 wakerdeleted bogus pl_lock_tid decl in streamer
2011-05-16 wakerfixed importing fb2k presets (take#2)
2011-05-16 wakerinitialize installdir with PREFIX value in non-portable...
2011-05-16 wakercall streamer_notify_playlist_deleted from plt_remove...
2011-05-16 wakerversion=devel
2011-05-15 waker0.5.0
2011-05-15 wakerfill converter cmdline buffer with zeroes to avoid...
2011-05-15 wakermoved static libs out of main source tree to reduce...
2011-05-15 wakerrebuilt vala sources
2011-05-15 wakerchangelog upd
2011-05-15 wakerget format from streamer before switching output plugin
2011-05-15 wakerupdated plugins example code
2011-05-15 wakerupdated README for 0.5
2011-05-15 wakerfixed 32bit portable build; rebuild 64bit static libs...
2011-05-15 wakerreorganized static libs
2011-05-15 secipollaCommit from LXDE Translation Project with Pootle by...
2011-05-14 wakerlittle russian translation fix
2011-05-14 wakerminor fix to vorbis metadata reading