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2012-03-14 Albert Astals Cidunsubscribe in ~QConf master 2
2011-07-25 Ryan LortieBuild fixes
2011-07-22 Didier RocheDon't rely on compiz cmake magic
2011-07-22 Ryan LortieFix whitespace error
2011-07-22 Didier RocheAdd and install dconf-qt pkgconfig file
2011-07-22 Ryan LortieBuild tweaks from Ubuntu package
2011-07-22 Ryan LortieAdd missing support for string lists
2011-07-19 Aurélien GâteauConverted to CMake so that we can have an install target
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieDo the proper lookup on dconf changes
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieMark properties as having notify signals
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieLink the QML plugin against the right library
2011-01-24 Ryan Lortiefixup .gitignore fallout
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieAdd some comments for explanation
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieFix up QConf constructors
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieStyle fixes
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieApply LGPLv3
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