last changeMon, 24 Jan 2011 06:33:12 +0000 (01:33 -0500)
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieDo the proper lookup on dconf changes master
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieMark properties as having notify signals
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieLink the QML plugin against the right library
2011-01-24 Ryan Lortiefixup .gitignore fallout
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieAdd some comments for explanation
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieFix up QConf constructors
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieStyle fixes
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieApply LGPLv3
2011-01-24 Ryan LortieRename library to libdconf-qt, fix QML install
2011-01-17 Ryan LortieMerge remote branch 'gvdb/master'
2011-01-17 Ryan LortieFix some harmless sign compare warnings
2011-01-17 Ryan LortieC++ify the reader header
2011-01-17 Ryan LortieInitial commit
2010-12-15 Ryan LortieFix some leaks in the GVDB builder
2010-12-07 Ryan LortiePass name_length to walk close function
2010-10-04 Ryan LortieAdd gvdb_table_get_raw_value() API for GSettings
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