2010-09-02 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.6.1 0.6.1
2010-08-31 Aurelien Gateaumemleak--
2010-08-31 Aurelien GateauFix test memory leaks
2010-08-19 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.6.0 0.6.0
2010-08-10 Aurelien GateauBumped version numbers
2010-08-10 Aurelien GateauAdded DBusMenuImporter::actionActivationRequested(QActi...
2010-08-10 Aurelien GateauEmit the ItemActivationRequested() signal
2010-08-10 oneforallFix hardcoded libdir in pkgconfig file (LP BUG: 610633)
2010-08-05 Aurelien GateauNow it builds with gold 0.5.2
2010-08-05 Aurelien GateauFix detection of QIcon::name() with gold
2010-08-05 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.5.2
2010-08-03 Aurelien GateauFix implementation of GetGroupProperties()
2010-07-01 Aurelien GateauCheck status before starting
2010-07-01 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.5.1 0.5.1
2010-06-30 Christoph FeckAdd support for KMenu titles
2010-06-28 Aurelien GateauPrepare for 0.5.0 0.5.0
2010-06-28 Aurelien GateauQueue calls to refresh() because we may be spammed...
2010-06-24 Aurelien GateauUse a var for the tag
2010-06-24 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.4.0 0.4.0
2010-06-24 Aurelien GateauUse the right Qt lib to check for QIcon::name()
2010-06-24 Aurelien GateauBetter build check for QIcon::name()
2010-06-23 Aurelien GateauUse QDBusConnection for all connections
2010-06-22 Aurelien Gateaudebug--
2010-06-22 Aurelien GateauTesting with KDE trunk should avoid regressions like...
2010-06-22 Aurelien GateauBump version number and introduce a dbusmenu_version...
2010-06-22 Aurelien GateauIntroduce updateMenu() and menuUpdated(), deprecate...
2010-06-17 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.3.5 0.3.5
2010-06-16 Aurelien GateauRework the way menuReadyToBeShown() is emitted
2010-06-16 Aurelien GateauDo not refresh when we receive LayoutUpdated() if we...
2010-06-16 Aurelien GateauMoved ManualSignalSpy and MenuFiller to a separate...
2010-06-16 Aurelien GateauMake MenuFiller more generic
2010-06-16 Aurelien GateauQueue LayoutUpdated() signal to avoid emitting it too...
2010-06-16 Aurelien GateauIncrease timeouts: prefer slow but complete menus to...
2010-06-15 Aurelien GateauAdded missing copyright information.
2010-06-14 Aurelien GateauUse QIcon::name() to return the icon name, when built...
2010-06-11 Aurelien GateauCorrectly handle non-exclusive action groups
2010-06-10 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.3.4 0.3.4
2010-06-10 Aurelien GateauDetail upload step
2010-06-08 Aurelien GateauAdded "Links" section
2010-06-08 Aurelien GateauHopefully fix KDE bug #237156
2010-06-08 Aurelien GateauSetup a frightening machinery to kind of reproduce...
2010-06-08 Aurelien GateauNo need to register service in each test: it's done...
2010-06-07 Aurelien GateauAdded support for shortcuts to DBusMenuImporter
2010-06-05 Patrick Spendrinfix building under msvc
2010-06-04 Aurelien GateauNicer tests
2010-06-04 Aurelien GateauShortcut support for the exporter
2010-06-04 Aurelien Gateaudoc
2010-06-04 Aurelien GateauMake the connection to LayoutUpdated() work :/
2010-05-19 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.3.3 0.3.3
2010-05-19 Aurelien GateauNicer command to fill the NEWS file
2010-05-15 Michael JansenIntroduce a qt minimum version. Qt 4.5 doesn't work.
2010-05-13 Michael JansenUse the FindQjson.cmake file made by pinotree for choko...
2010-05-11 Marco MArtinrefresh after LayoutUpdated signal
2010-05-11 Aurelien GateauTest items added to an existing menu are properly imported
2010-05-07 Aurelien GateauDo not add /usr/include/json to the include dirs
2010-05-05 Aaron Seigoallow notification of the menu being filled, don't...
2010-05-02 Patrick Spendrinadd a gitattributes file so that the automatic conversa...
2010-04-27 Patrick SpendrinWin32 fixes from Ralf Habacker
2010-04-27 Alex ElsayedAdded option to disable tests
2010-04-14 Harald SitterMake krazy2 happy
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.3.2 0.3.2
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauIncrease timeout a bit to accomodate with slower machines.
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauMake sure static menus are initialized to avoid weird...
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauFix benchmark code
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauPass parent to the virtual createMenu() method
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauAvoid wrong warnings on stderr from updateAction()
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauFactorize update action code.
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauHandle ItemPropertyUpdated signal
2010-04-02 Aurelien GateauCorrectly handle properties which are not part of the...
2010-04-01 Aurelien GateauExport "visible" property of action
2010-04-01 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.3.1 0.3.1
2010-04-01 Aurelien GateauMake message a bit less alarming
2010-04-01 Aurelien GateauMake it build without qjson
2010-03-31 Aurelien GateauUpdated to latest protocol change:
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.3.0 0.3.0
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauDocument release process.
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauPrevent copy of DBusMenuExporter and DBusMenuImporter
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauDoc++
2010-03-09 Aurelien Gateaudebug--
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauProvide default implementation for virtual methods.
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauUse a virtual method to get the icon name for the action
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauHide emitLayoutUpdated()
2010-03-09 Aurelien Gateaurevision is uint...
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauTest LayoutUpdate is emitted
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauSimplify ManualSignalSpy
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauMore API hiding
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauPass service and path to DBusMenuImporter ctor instead...
2010-03-09 Aurelien GateauUse sessionBus() connection by default.
2010-03-09 Aurelien Gateaudbusmenuitem.{h,cpp} no longer need to be installed.
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauUse DBus to check the signal
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauStarted to insulate DBusMenuExporter from DBus implemen...
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauUse AboutToShow, unbreaking test
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauUnbreak importer test.
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauMake sure the menu is created aboutToShow
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauEnsure aboutToShow() is also handled on first-level...
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauAdded aboutToShow method
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauTake ownership of "interface"
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.2.2 0.2.2
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauAdded distcheck target
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauInclude FindQJSON.cmake