2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauMake sure the menu is created aboutToShow
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauEnsure aboutToShow() is also handled on first-level...
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauAdded aboutToShow method
2010-03-08 Aurelien GateauTake ownership of "interface"
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauGetting ready for 0.2.2 0.2.2
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauAdded distcheck target
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauInclude FindQJSON.cmake
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauMake it possible to build dbusmenu-qt without building...
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauAdded missing copyright header
2010-02-17 Aurelien GateauDo not access the exporter if it has already been deleted
2010-02-05 gateauNew test trying to reproduce LP514039
2010-02-05 gateauFix Qt libs var names
2010-02-05 gateauAdded test app for dbusmenu-bench (from dbusmenu-glib)
2010-02-05 gateauGetting ready for 0.2.1 0.2.1
2010-02-05 gateauHack: invoke aboutToShow in GetLayout
2010-02-05 gateauExport KDE titles as disabled standard items
2010-02-05 gateauGetting ready for 0.2.0 0.2.0
2010-02-05 gateauDo not crash when trying to update an action which...
2010-02-05 gateauDBusMenuTest => DBusMenuExporterTest
2010-02-05 gateauSplit test cases
2010-02-05 gateauFix radio buttons
2010-02-05 gateauTest ItemUpdated is emitted
2010-02-05 gateauDo not add toggle-state if it is set to default value
2010-02-05 gateauTest radio items
2010-02-05 gateaudebug--
2010-02-05 gateauDo not return 0 if do not find an id
2010-02-05 gateauMake sure we monitor dynamically-added menus
2010-02-05 gateauTrickier way to create dynamic submenus
2010-02-05 gateauTest dynamic submenus
2010-02-05 gateauTest submenus
2010-02-05 gateauDo not return value for a property if it is the default...
2010-02-05 gateaurevision is uint :/
2010-02-05 gateautimestamp is uint, not int
2010-02-05 gateauCoding style
2010-02-05 gateauCleanup
2010-02-05 gateauCache the items in a map
2010-02-05 gateauFix KDE title support
2010-02-05 gateauAsk all available properties
2010-02-05 gateauAsking a non-existent property should not fail
2010-02-05 gateauRefactoring to avoid generating property map for action...
2010-02-05 gateauStarted refactoring to generate maps only one time.
2010-02-05 gateauSupport for getting all properties if property names...
2010-02-05 gateauUse data system to test DBusMenuExporter.
2010-02-05 gateauNow with unit tests
2010-02-05 gateauUpdating to latest spec
2010-02-05 gateauStarted to write tests.
2010-02-05 gateauMake it possible to define the object-path used by...
2010-02-05 gateauCleanup
2010-02-05 gateauAdjusted to better match the "real" spec
2010-02-05 gateauRemoved ChildrenUpdated, Renamed LayoutUpdate to Layout...
2010-02-05 gateauAdded timestamp parameter to the Event() method
2010-02-05 gateauSupport for KDE titles
2010-02-05 gateauglib-like return if fail macros
2010-02-05 gateaudebug--
2010-02-05 gateauAvoid multiple resizes of menus when they are displayed
2010-02-05 gateauNicer debug tools
2010-02-05 gateauGetting ready for 0.1.0 release 0.1.0
2010-02-05 gateauAdded GetLayout and LayoutUpdate signals
2010-02-05 gateauAdded a few compiler warnings
2010-02-05 gateauOnly export required symbols
2010-02-05 gateauShare swapMnemonicChar between importer and exporter
2010-02-05 gateauAdded virtual methods so that users can generate custom...
2010-02-05 gateauMinimalist doc
2010-02-05 gateauIntegrated DBusMenuImporter
2010-02-05 gateauAdd DMWARNING
2010-02-05 gateauCleanup
2010-02-05 gateauProperly publish dbusmenuitem.h
2010-02-05 gateauWe need to publish dbusmenuitem for now.
2010-02-05 gateauDon't assume all Qt includes are in include paths
2010-02-05 gateaud-pointer'ified
2010-02-05 gateauFix install dir for include files
2010-02-05 gateauBuild dbusmenu_p and dbusmenuitem_p
2010-02-05 gateauAdded pkgconfig file
2010-02-05 gateauStarted to move DBusMenu code into a separate library