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last changeThu, 1 Dec 2011 12:46:29 +0000 (13:46 +0100)
2011-12-01 Andreas Volzset version for first release to 0.9.0 master release-0.9.0
2011-12-01 Andreas Volzlink changed
2011-12-01 Andreas Volzno need to distribute spec file if is included
2011-12-01 Andreas Volzdocs - enable private
2011-11-30 Andreas Volzlogo update
2011-11-30 Andreas Volzadded new style for doxygen documentation
2011-11-30 Andreas Volzupdated doxy file
2011-11-30 Andreas Volz- fixed library path of glib and ecore examples
2011-11-29 Andreas Volz- dbus-c++ passes now compiling on ubuntu 8.10 machine...
2011-11-29 Andreas Volz- now 'make distcheck' runs clean after using correct...
2011-11-29 Andreas Volzchanged variable to oneliner because of astyle parser bug
2011-11-29 Andreas VolzNO FUNCTIONAL CHANGES!!
2011-11-29 Andreas Volzchange date
2011-11-29 Andreas Volzchanged maintainer info
2011-11-28 Andreas Volzchanged build architecture to build seperate libs for...
2011-11-28 Andreas Volz- NO FUNCTIONAL CODE CHANGES!!!!
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6 years ago release-0.9.0
4 years ago fix-unused-mi-warning
5 years ago fetch-current-callmessage
5 years ago unix-fd-support
5 years ago tools-only-mode
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