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2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloUpdate README master
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloMaybe that was not such a good idea, let's keep things...
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloRename module to microflow and add a basic
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloRemove shebang line from flow module
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloUpdate test
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloAdd bracket helper methods to flow.Process
2014-06-10 Pedro Ângelofix array port identification in Process.get_port()
2014-06-10 Pedro Ângelodisconnect from all ports when a Process stops
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloAdd connect/disconnect methods to Port objects
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloAdd a sleep() method to flow.Process
2014-06-10 Pedro ÂngeloUpdated TODO
2014-05-04 Pedro ÂngeloImplemented array ports
2014-05-03 Pedro ÂngeloMinor documentation fix
2014-05-03 Pedro ÂngeloMore whitespace fixes
2014-05-03 Pedro ÂngeloUpdated .gitignore
2014-05-03 Pedro ÂngeloMinor whitespace fixes
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