last changeFri, 30 Jul 2010 03:11:43 +0000 (13:11 +1000)
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewanother attempt at killing flag loops master
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewtry to break infinite non-embeddable flagging loop
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewadd 'wrong video' flagging
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewset debug=False on the app, duh
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewflag and refresh non-embeddable tracks
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewcreate track divs client side
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewfix handler regexps so null playlist IDs don't work
2010-07-30 Jonathan Matthewimplement 'nonembeddable' flag that removes the video ID
2010-07-29 Jonathan Matthewadd a link to the abc playlist site on the 'add playlis...
2010-07-29 Jonathan Matthewrecover better when the first track isn't playable...
2010-07-29 Jonathan Matthewexclude non-embeddable videos from youtube search results
2010-07-26 Jonathan Matthewrearrange front page, move add playlist form to new...
2010-07-26 Jonathan Matthewurl fragment (track number) things
2010-07-26 Jonathan Matthewscroll playlist so new track is visible
2010-07-26 Jonathan Matthewde-highlight unavailable tracks
2010-07-26 Jonathan Matthewexpand video to fill all remaining space
7 years ago master