cvs_direct -> cvsclient. All regression tests pass.
[cvsps:cvsps.git] / cvsps.c
2012-12-27 Eric S. Raymondcvs_direct -> cvsclient. All regression tests pass.
2012-12-27 Eric S. RaymondFix a misnamed option.
2012-12-27 Eric S. RaymondImplement -R.
2012-12-27 Dan McGeeImprove variable scoping and fix a file pointer leak
2012-12-27 Eric S. RaymondA buffer-overflow-prevention patch from Red Hat. Regre...
2012-12-26 Eric S. RaymondPunctuation fix.
2012-12-26 Eric S. Raymondcvsps now warns about the t9601 case.
2012-12-26 Eric S. RaymondCarry forward information about which branches are...
2012-12-26 Eric S. RaymondTest machinery improvements.
2012-12-26 Eric S. RaymondDowngrade a warning.
2012-12-26 Eric S. RaymondSuppress a pointless warning.
2012-12-26 Eric S. RaymondBe more explicit about unnamded branches.
2012-12-26 Eric S. RaymondWe parse timezone information from the authormap, but...
2012-12-25 Eric S. RaymondAdd the -n option to negate filters.
2012-12-25 Eric S. RaymondRefactoring step.
2012-12-25 Eric S. RaymondMake cvsps emit 'done'.
2012-12-25 Eric S. RaymondNow we can run from a module directory.
2012-12-25 Eric S. RaymondWe can now run cvsp from a repository directory.
2012-12-25 Eric S. RaymondRefactor in preparation for a feature addition.
2012-12-24 Eric S. RaymondSupport for authorname mapping.
2012-12-24 Eric S. RaymondBe more informative to git users.
2012-12-24 Eric S. RaymondOut with -A, in with -V.
2012-12-24 Eric S. RaymondAdd a -V-for-version option.
2012-12-24 Eric S. RaymondThe -A option goes away.
2012-12-24 Eric S. RaymondImproved support for multiple tags per revision.
2012-12-24 David D. KilzerDynamically allocate the log buffer to prevent warning...
2012-12-24 Alexander LitvinovHandle cvs repo with modules
2012-12-24 Yann DirsonCleanup the tag handling to simplify multi-tag handling
2012-12-24 David D. Kilzercvsps: should ignore TRUNK branch if it exists in log
2012-12-24 Andy Isaacsonhandle running cvsps in root of checkout
2012-12-24 Michal SojkaDo not ignore subdirectories on CVSNT servers
2012-12-24 Yann DirsonGet rid of useless "branch_add already set" warnings
2012-12-24 Eric S. RaymondSince we no longer use local commands, we no longer...
2012-12-24 Linus TorvaldsFix branch ancestor calculation
2012-12-24 Linus TorvaldsImprove handling of file collisions in the same patchset
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondThis is certainly not being kept in RCS any more.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondBring the option summary up to date.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondQuietness is now the default, as it should be.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondDocumentation fixes.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondWarn when a repository does not have commitids.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondRemove the --norc option, since we no longer use local...
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondDiscard -u to maintain compatibility with git-cvsimport.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondEliminate all use of local commands.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondAlwats use rlog when your CVS can do that.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondAlways use what was cvs-direct mode in preference to...
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondMore boolification.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondComment fixes.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondCoverity cleanup.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondBetter idea: always *update* the cache on fast-export.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondAlways ignore cache when --fast-export is on.
2012-12-23 Eric S. RaymondCode cleanup - use bool type where appropriate.
2012-12-23 Eric S. Raymondcvs-direct use of rupdate work, but we get unwanted...
2012-12-22 Eric S. RaymondRefactor to make cvs_rupdate() available for getting...
2012-12-22 Eric S. RaymondMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2012-12-22 Andreas SchwabTake commitid into account
2012-12-22 Eric S. RaymondBack out Heiko's v2 patch until we find out why it...
2012-12-22 Eric S. RaymondFinish incomplete merge of v2 of Heiko's time-skew...
2012-12-22 Ben CliffordAllow cvsps to import the root of a repo (all modules).
2012-12-22 Heiko VoigtSecond version of Heiko's time-skew patch.
2012-12-22 James BlackburnFix seg fault when computing 'funky' patchets.
2012-12-22 Heiko VoigtSlightly cleaned-up version of a patch that fixes some...
2012-12-21 Eric S. RaymondCoverity cleanup. All regression tests pass.
2012-12-20 Eric S. Raymondcppcheck cleanup. All regression tests pass.
2012-12-20 Eric S. RaymondCosmetic fix.
2012-12-20 Eric S. RaymondRemoved --bkcs, as the Bitkeeper CVS export of the...
2012-12-20 Eric S. Raymond.cvsignore -> .gitignore name translation.
2012-12-20 Eric S. RaymondCode and implementation for --fast-export dumping....
2012-12-20 Eric S. RaymondUse -q for more civilized (e.g. *silent*) behavior...
2012-12-20 Eric S. RaymondRemove David Manfield's packaging assumptions in the...
2012-12-20 David Mansfielduse "by members" ordering first because the version...
2008-04-01 David Mansfieldupdate comment speeeling
2008-04-01 David Mansfieldimplement branch point detection
2008-04-01 David Mansfieldadd a global branch object which will ultimately track...
2005-06-05 davidstrict buffer length checking in read_line routine
2005-06-03 davidcvs sometimes puts a timezone offset in log - from...
2005-05-26 daviddont allow ancestor branch to be the import branch 2.1
2005-05-26 davidquell some verbosity
2005-05-26 davidvarious fixes from the Debian folks
2005-05-26 davidfix "collisions" by comparing based on members of patch...
2005-05-25 daviddetect patchset collisions
2005-05-25 davidinvariant change to fuzz factor handling. now incorpora...
2005-05-24 davidshow branch ancestry
2005-01-26 davidwe dont handle MT - dont claim support
2004-06-21 davidminor cleanups: one time file handle leak, better buffe...
2003-04-11 davidfix using cvsps against sourceforge and its strange...
2003-04-04 davidresolve -r symbols during resolve_global_symbols. ...
2003-04-03 davidallow specifying empty diff_opts to turn it off completely
2003-04-03 davidmake branch_add warning more consistent
2003-04-03 davidadd the -q option, change a bunch of warnings to DEBUG_...
2003-04-03 davidhave rc file parsed first so command line can override
2003-03-31 daviddo better fuzz-factor handling by keeping a min/max...
2003-03-28 davidadd the escape_filename bugfix. add --no-cvs-direct...
2003-03-27 davidadded --root and repository command line args
2003-03-27 davidadded cache-update timestamp support to cvs_direct...
2003-03-27 davidadd rlog to cvs_direct
2003-03-25 davidfix the sed for add/rem patches to work for removes
2003-03-25 davidpass the real repository_path to cvs_rupdate
2003-03-25 davidhave norc prevent cvspsrc from being read also 2.0b7
2003-03-25 daviddont open cvs_direct unless -g is specified
2003-03-25 davidadded parsing of the cvspsrc file (in ~/.cvsps)