last changeThu, 21 Apr 2011 10:55:07 +0000 (13:55 +0300)
2011-04-21 Adrien BustanyRemove libcubi.spec from git as it is autogenerated master
2011-04-18 Adrien BustanyRelease 0.1.7-1
2011-04-15 Adrien BustanyTurn on GroupPatterns by default
2011-04-15 Xavier ClaessensFix debian/copyright as per nokia-legal advice
2011-04-14 Xavier ClaessensUpdateBase, Insert, Delete: Move virtual sparql() metho...
2011-04-13 Xavier ClaessensPatternBase: Mark deprecated methods with Q_DECL_DEPRECATED
2011-04-13 Xavier ClaessensInsert, Delete: Deprecate constructor with a Graph
2011-04-12 Xavier ClaessensLiteralValue: Make sure LiteralValue and ValueList...
2011-04-12 Xavier ClaessensPatternGroup: Add a new line before FILTER when in...
2011-04-12 Xavier ClaessensLiteralValue: Handle LiteralValue(QStringList) the...
2011-04-11 Xavier Claessenscubidefines: add "NOT IN" function
2011-04-11 Xavier ClaessensUpdate gitignore
2011-04-11 Xavier ClaessensAdd cubidefines.h for predifined functions
2011-04-08 Adrien BustanyFix debian/copyright
2011-04-08 Adrien BustanyFix testResourceValue after IRI encoding fix
2011-04-08 Adrien BustanyMake sure we don't run tests against an installed versi...
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