2010-11-25 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Update .gitignore file stable
2010-11-25 Mathias HasselmannNew: qmake project file for static builds
2010-11-24 Mathias HasselmannChanges: Add gitignore file
2010-11-22 Adrien BustanyIntroduce PredicateFunction
2010-11-22 Adrien BustanyFix copy paste typos in PrefixFunction doc
2010-11-22 Adrien BustanyAdd support for blank nodes in queries
2010-11-22 Adrien BustanyVariable: reset "auto" bit on setName
2010-11-22 Adrien BustanyAdd missing license header in cubi.h
2010-11-18 Adrien BustanyWorkaround
2010-11-15 Adrien BustanyFix typo in UpdateBase doc
2010-11-15 Adrien BustanyProperly declare clone functions
2010-11-10 Adrien BustanyFix ut_select unit test
2010-11-10 Adrien BustanyFix: Don't always add alias for function projections...
2010-11-10 Adrien BustanyVariable: fix doc
2010-11-07 Adrien BustanyInfixFunction: Allow arbitrary number of params
2010-11-05 Adrien BustanyProperly quote DateTime in Sparql
2010-11-05 Adrien BustanyPatternGroup: Fix sparql generation with empty groups
2010-11-05 Adrien BustanyResourceValue: Add support for prefixed names
2010-11-05 Adrien BustanyVariable: Remove _ prefix for auto-generated names
2010-11-05 Adrien BustanyVariable: Generate name when calling empty constructor
2010-11-04 Adrien BustanyAdd empty constructor for Pattern
2010-11-04 Adrien BustanyAdd PatternBase::isValid
2010-11-04 Adrien BustanyAdd PatternBase::isUnion
2010-11-04 Adrien BustanyUnion: add Empty constructor
2010-11-03 Adrien BustanyAdd ORDER BY in Select
2010-11-03 Adrien BustanyRemove leftover asserts from development
2010-11-02 Adrien BustanyAdd == operator to Value subclasses
2010-11-02 Adrien BustanyHide more private classes from doc
2010-11-02 Adrien BustanyFix shared data and move API to use values and not...
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyPut all classes in the Cubi namespace
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyAdd global header that includes everything
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyReinforce include guards
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyAdd missing doc file
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyAdd missing private headers
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyUnion: add setters for lhs and rhs
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyResourceValue: Add setter for IRI
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyPut doxygen in quiet mode
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyFix doxygen formatting errors
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyPattern: add setters for subject, predicate, object
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyGraph: rename graph() to iri() and add setter
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyFunction: add setParameters for consistency
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyAdd documentation for ResourceValue
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyAdd documentation for LiteralValue
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyAdd simple script to run all tests in autovalgrind...
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyMerge all literal value classes in new LiteralValue...
2010-10-29 Adrien BustanyAdd license headers
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyAdd doc
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyVariable: remove empty constructor
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyRemove stray operator_p.h
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyPut const modifiers when needed
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanySelect: rename addPattern to addRestriction
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyAdd GRAPH support
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyAdd delete support
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyAdd insert support
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyRename ut_query to ut_select
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyAdd ValueList (support for Sparql lists)
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyFix sparql() virtualness on several Value subclasses
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyAdd subqueries projections
2010-10-28 Adrien BustanyRemove useless ProjectionData copy constructor
2010-10-27 Adrien BustanyAdd autovalgrind to test script
2010-10-27 Adrien BustanyRemove Operator and make Function inherit Value instead
2010-10-27 Adrien BustanyFix projection alias handling
2010-10-27 Adrien BustanyAdd filter support
2010-10-27 Adrien BustanyAdd virtual destructors to *Data
2010-10-27 Adrien BustanyAdd Operator base class
2010-10-27 Adrien BustanyPimp script for tests - now allows gdb and valgrind
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanyAdd support for UNION
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanyAdd pattern groups
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanyVariable: Prefix name by _ in generated sparql
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanyAdd missing clone() to ValueData subclasses
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanySelect: add limit and offset
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanySelect: add value chain addPattern
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanyVariable: Add setName()
2010-10-26 Adrien BustanyProperly initialize SelectData fields
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyLittle refactoring
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyMove Value to QSharedDataPointer
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyMove Projection to QSharedDataPointer
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyAdd unit tests for predicate functions
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyFix Projection::sparql()
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyFix projection separator in Select
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyAdd sparql() for Function
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanySwitch Function to Value instead of QVariant
2010-10-25 Adrien Bustany1st step: very simple queries working
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyAdd invalid constructors for Variable and Function
2010-10-25 Adrien BustanyInitial commit