Release 0.1.16-1
[cubi:cubi.git] / src /
2011-12-01 Adrien BustanyFix inverted CUBI_DECLARE_METATYPES logic in global.h
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannAdd FIXME rant about Cubi::ValueChain.
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannDeclare Qt metatypes where possible.
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannIntern 'a' and 'rdf:type' in ResourceValue::setName()
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannMention 'a' verb and warnings in ResourceValue API...
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannRegister prefix URLs to enable comparing IRIs and prefi...
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannReuse setters in ResourceValue(name, type)
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannAdd hash function for Cubi::ResourceValue.
2011-12-01 Mathias HasselmannSupport ResourceValues with prefixed name and IRI.
2011-11-30 Mathias HasselmannStill allow filter conversions with explicit ctors.
2011-11-30 Mathias HasselmannDeclare 'a' verb.
2011-11-23 Mathias HasselmannAvoid warnings about deprecated cubi methods.
2011-10-18 Adrien BustanyFix NullValueData memory handling
2011-08-18 Adrien BustanyAdd support for "null" keyword (Tracker SPARQL extension)
2011-08-02 Adrien BustanySelect: Fix order of ORDER BY and LIMIT/OFFSET
2011-08-02 Adrien Bustanycubidefines: Reindent
2011-08-02 Adrien Bustanycubidefines: Add support for IF
2011-08-02 Adrien BustanySelect: complete support for ORDER BY
2011-08-01 Friedrich W. H.... Update license headers and add license files
2011-06-23 Adrien BustanyAdd unescapeIri method to Utils
2011-06-23 Adrien BustanyEnsure that IRI percent escapes are always two chars
2011-06-22 Adrien BustanyAlso escape '%' in URIs
2011-06-11 Adrien BustanyUtils::escapeIri: Avoid useless QChar cast
2011-06-11 Adrien BustanyPrevent forbidden characters in SPARQL for Variable...
2011-06-01 Adrien BustanyExists: remove dead code
2011-06-01 Adrien BustanyCompositionalSelect: Fix operator==
2011-06-01 Adrien BustanyAdd possibility to add alias for literal projections
2011-06-01 Adrien BustanyReplace uses of Variable(QString()) with Variable:...
2011-06-01 Adrien BustanyProjection: Default to invalid variable if alias is...
2011-06-01 Adrien BustanyAdd Variable::create() and Variable::invalid()
2011-06-01 Adrien BustanyAdd missing PredicateFunctionData::functionType
2011-05-23 Adrien BustanyLiteralValue: Remove workaround for QDateTime
2011-05-17 Adrien BustanyReorder cubidefines by namespace
2011-05-17 Adrien BustanyAdd more functions in cubidefines
2011-05-17 Adrien BustanyPatternGroup: Fix crash with invalid Pattern
2011-04-28 Friedrich W. H.... Merge branch 'oc' into importOC
2011-04-15 Adrien BustanyTurn on GroupPatterns by default
2011-04-14 Xavier ClaessensUpdateBase, Insert, Delete: Move virtual sparql() metho... 13
2011-04-13 Xavier ClaessensPatternBase: Mark deprecated methods with Q_DECL_DEPRECATED
2011-04-13 Xavier ClaessensInsert, Delete: Deprecate constructor with a Graph
2011-04-12 Xavier ClaessensLiteralValue: Make sure LiteralValue and ValueList...
2011-04-12 Xavier ClaessensPatternGroup: Add a new line before FILTER when in...
2011-04-12 Xavier ClaessensLiteralValue: Handle LiteralValue(QStringList) the...
2011-04-11 Xavier Claessenscubidefines: add "NOT IN" function
2011-04-11 Xavier ClaessensAdd cubidefines.h for predifined functions
2011-04-08 Adrien BustanyLiteralValue: consider urls as string
2011-04-08 Adrien BustanyUtils: simplify code in encodeIri
2011-04-06 Adrien BustanyInclude utils.h in cubi.h
2011-04-06 Adrien BustanyUse CUBI_EXPLICIT_CONSTRUCTORS when building
2011-04-06 Adrien BustanyFix compilation with CUBI_EXPLICIT_CONSTRUCTORS
2011-04-06 Adrien BustanyAdd CUBI_EXPLICIT compile time define
2011-04-06 Adrien BustanyResourceValue: Fix IRI encoding
2011-03-31 Adrien BustanyRevert "LiteralValue: encode non ASCII chars as \uXXXX...
2011-03-29 Adrien BustanyMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/12' of gitorious...
2011-03-29 Adrien BustanyClarify doc of Insert::Insert with ConflictStrategy
2011-03-29 Mathias HasselmannUse proper C++ cast in data() accessors.
2011-03-29 Mathias HasselmannAdd support for tracker's INSERT OR REPLACE statement.
2011-03-25 Adrien BustanyLiteralValue: encode non ASCII chars as \uXXXX in strings
2011-03-21 Adrien BustanyInfixFunction: Ignore members that generate an empty...
2011-03-15 Adrien BustanyAdd support for pattern grouping by subject
2011-03-14 Adrien BustanyRemove private headers from cubi.h harmattan/0.1.5-1
2011-03-14 Adrien BustanyInstall global.h harmattan/0.1.4-2
2011-03-14 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: in PatternGroup::addPattern(... ValueChain...
2011-03-14 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: remove unused var
2011-03-10 Adrien BustanyFix memory ref-counting in CompositionalSelect
2011-03-10 Adrien BustanyAdd CompositionalSelect class
2011-03-09 Adrien BustanyPatternGroup: use lastIndex when possible in sparql()
2011-03-07 Adrien BustanyMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2011-03-07 Adrien BustanyReplace all usages of Q_ASSERT_X by qFatal harmattan/0.1.2-1
2011-03-07 Jens GeorgMake Url string default for ResourceValue(QString)...
2011-03-03 Adrien BustanyPatternGroup: Small efficiency cleanups related to...
2011-02-28 Adrien BustanyPatternGroup: Avoid unnecessary dots to separate groups
2011-02-09 Adrien BustanyFix IRI encoding in ResourceValue
2011-02-03 Adrien BustanyAdapt the Graph API to fit more with the rest of the...
2011-02-03 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: allow to set also a Variable as Graph id
2011-02-03 Adrien BustanyMerge branch 'coverage'
2011-02-01 Friedrich W. H.... Fixes: PredicateFunction produced bad sparql-output...
2011-01-30 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: adds option to also fetch graph, with setters...
2011-01-27 Adrien BustanyInfixFunction: Fix sparql with no parameters
2011-01-27 Adrien BustanyFilter: Implement Value::type and fix FilterData copy...
2011-01-27 Adrien BustanyBlankValue: implement type() and fix == and !=
2011-01-27 Adrien BustanyValue: two invalid values are always equal
2011-01-27 Adrien BustanyProjection: Set invalid variable by default, and fix ==
2011-01-27 Adrien BustanyAdd coverage support
2011-01-24 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: add a TODO comment 7
2011-01-24 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: use static const QStrings for "true" and ...
2011-01-24 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: minor improvements to DateTime case in Literal...
2011-01-24 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: do not create a QDateTime and a QStringList...
2011-01-24 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: use QString::fromLatin1(const char*) instead...
2011-01-24 Friedrich W. H.... Changed: use QString::append(QString) instead of QStrin...
2011-01-24 Friedrich W. H.... Fixes: use toLatin1() instead of toAscii()
2011-01-22 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: add method Select::isEmpty()
2011-01-22 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: remove unused member SelectData::tmpVars
2011-01-18 Adrien BustanyPut back
2011-01-18 Adrien BustanyAdd debian packaging files
2011-01-18 Adrien BustanySwitch to autoconf building system
2011-01-07 Friedrich W. H.... Fixes: small errors in apidox 3
2011-01-07 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: remove additional whitespace and linebreak...
2011-01-07 Friedrich W. H.... Changes: removed unused member UpdateBaseData::tmpVars
2011-01-07 Adrien BustanyRemove dead code in PatternGroup