last changeWed, 22 Dec 2010 21:48:21 +0000 (05:48 +0800)
2010-12-22 Victor Tsengextra/wrapper: dump buffer on DtsProcOutput() master
2010-12-22 Victor Tsengadd a queue implementation
2010-12-22 Victor Tsengtweak to pass vlc va init codes
2010-12-22 Victor Tsengmpeg2: do not free buffer not alloc-ed by us.
2010-12-20 Victor Tsengvarius update for error handling
2010-12-20 Victor Tsengmpeg2: improving mpeg2 support
2010-12-19 Victor Tsengdo not free data that's not mallec()-ed by CreateSurface()
2010-12-18 Victor Tsengextra: support running code both before and after calli...
2010-12-18 Victor Tsengmpeg2: initial support for mpeg2 (WIP)
2010-12-17 Victor Tsenguse config profile for h264 instead of guessing
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengextra: print 16bytes for pointer in crystalhd_wrapper
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengmove codec dependent codes to their own files
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengextra: use dirname in
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengextra: add h264 NALU debugger (WIP)
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengextra: move .gitignore for crystalhd_wrapper to extra/
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengextra: use `basename ${0}` when exporting
7 years ago master