mpeg2: initial support for mpeg2 (WIP)
[crystalhd-video:crystalhd-video.git] / src / crystalhd_drv_video.c
2010-12-18 Victor Tsengmpeg2: initial support for mpeg2 (WIP)
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengmove codec dependent codes to their own files
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengmake APIs return proper VAStatus, some CrystalHD specif...
2010-12-14 Victor Tsengfix compilation warnings
2010-12-14 Victor Tsengremoving instrument codes
2010-07-20 Victor Tsengh264 experiments... doesn't work tho......
2010-07-13 Victor Tsengfix crash with ffmpeg-vaapi based programs
2010-07-09 Victor Tsengcode cleanup