2010-12-18 Victor Tsengmpeg2: initial support for mpeg2 (WIP)
2010-12-17 Victor Tsenguse config profile for h264 instead of guessing
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengextra: print 16bytes for pointer in crystalhd_wrapper
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengmove codec dependent codes to their own files
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengextra: use dirname in
2010-12-17 Victor Tsengextra: add h264 NALU debugger (WIP)
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengextra: move .gitignore for crystalhd_wrapper to extra/
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengextra: use `basename ${0}` when exporting
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengh264: move creating of sps+pps to end_picture()
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengdump data in wrapper instead of crystalhd-video
2010-12-16 Victor Tsenguse `ALWAYS_INLINE' instead of `inline' for b_*()
2010-12-16 Victor Tsenga wrapper to check output from libcrystalhd
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengtaking h264 sps and pps handling functions from x264
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengbeautify the printing of VABufferType
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengmove codes from osdep.h to bitstream.h
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengmake APIs return proper VAStatus, some CrystalHD specif...
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengmake use of common.h
2010-12-16 Victor Tsengadd .gitignore file
2010-12-15 Victor Tsengadd function declarations to header files
2010-12-14 Victor Tsengfix compilation warnings
2010-12-14 Victor Tsengremoving instrument codes
2010-12-14 Victor Tsengadd "-lcrystalhd" to CFLAGS in
2010-12-14 Victor Tsengfix the checking for Crystal HD in
2010-07-25 Victor Tsengdebug: only insert instrument when USE_DEBUG.
2010-07-20 Victor Tsengh264 experiments... doesn't work tho......
2010-07-13 Victor Tsengremove config.h (autoheader generated file)
2010-07-13 Victor Tsengfix crash with ffmpeg-vaapi based programs
2010-07-13 Victor Tsengfix whitespace
2010-07-09 Victor Tsengcode cleanup
2010-07-09 Victor Tsengruns hwdecode-demo/vaapi_h264 --getimage now.
2010-07-06 Victor Tsengadd instrument after call and before return
2010-07-06 Victor Tsengadd an image heap
2010-07-05 Victor Tsengadd copyright informations
2010-07-05 Victor Tsengfix whitespaces
2010-07-05 Victor Tsengopen/close device
2010-07-02 Victor Tsenginitial commit