last changeSun, 10 May 2009 10:15:17 +0000 (20:15 +1000)
2009-05-10 Seb Ruizrename widgets dir to crossword master
2009-05-10 Seb Ruizuse a stacked widget in prep for help page
2009-05-10 Seb RuizCool keyboard shortcuts
2009-05-10 Seb RuizHandle delete and backspace keys
2009-05-10 Seb RuizCorrectly set/show the guess
2009-05-10 Seb Ruizdebug--
2009-05-10 Seb RuizCorrectly move over blank squares when typing
2009-05-10 Seb RuizRight click switches the focus direction if possible
2009-05-10 Seb RuizBetter contrast of clue numbers
2009-05-10 Seb RuizPaint crossword numbers on the grid
2009-05-09 Seb RuizEnhanced key press functionality: skipping blanks
2009-05-09 Seb RuizOverride mousePressEvent so that blank cells aren't...
2009-05-09 Seb RuizCorrectly update the table when an item changes
2009-05-09 Seb RuizClues get highlighted nicely
2009-05-08 Seb RuizFix cells which were both across and down clues
2009-05-08 Seb RuizDelete broken function
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