last changeTue, 21 Aug 2012 03:34:36 +0000 (20:34 -0700)
2012-08-21 Johannes Zellnerpeople like me need more specific usage description master
2012-08-14 Donald CarrRemove potential dash shell usage to save the special
2012-08-08 Donald CarrTweak away from breakage
2012-08-08 Donald CarrGet Qt 5 HEAD compiling again (snapshots)
2012-07-11 Donald CarrSymlinks should be consider as well as real dirs
2012-06-29 Donald CarrMake the symlink adjusting script a little more self...
2012-06-23 Donald CarrExit build script on error
2012-06-04 Donald CarrTweak script
2012-06-03 Donald CarrRemove hack
2012-06-03 Donald CarrNo point shifting
2012-06-02 Donald CarrQt script required by webkit
2012-06-02 Donald CarrAdd additional module support to build-qt5 script
2012-05-28 Donald CarrAdd glorious syncQt5 script to toolbelt
2012-05-28 Donald CarrPick your fights: Knock webgl off dream list
2012-04-26 Donald CarrUpdate built-qt5 script to include webkit
2012-04-23 Donald CarrAdd convenience Qt 5 compilation script
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