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last changeTue, 10 Jun 2014 16:52:54 +0000 (18:52 +0200)
2014-06-10 Antoine Amarillicreate best files with extract master
2014-06-10 Antoine AmarilliMerge
2014-06-10 Antoine Amarilliupdate
2014-06-10 Antoine Amarillignuplot
2014-06-10 Robin MorissetFix the scripts for the new code
2014-06-10 Robin MorissetIncrease UBOUND back to 10, and reduce the number of...
2014-06-10 Robin MorissetTiny optimisation of position, barely perceptible
2014-06-10 Robin MorissetFix the random move trigerred by 'useless', and tune...
2014-06-09 Robin MorissetFinally get rid of upd_vio
2014-06-09 Robin MorissetEliminates the old delta
2014-06-09 Robin MorissetFix the last bug with new_delta
2014-06-09 Robin MorissetComment out a debugging branch
2014-06-09 Robin MorissetStart the work of using projections everywhere
2014-06-08 Robin Morissetpreparatory work for the future deletion of A and V
2014-06-08 Robin MorissetTiny extra optimisation using projections
2014-06-08 Robin MorissetFirst optimisation based on projections: useful only...
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