2012-12-15 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-15 pelyaMore efficient SDL_IsScreenKeyboardShown() implementation
2012-12-14 pelyaFixed removing two characters at a time in native text...
2012-12-13 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-11 pelyaFixed dialog to configure on-screen buttons
2012-12-11 pelyaFixed leftover "app-data" path in SDL settings
2012-12-10 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-08 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-07 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-07 pelyaAdded more screen modes for UAE4ALL2
2012-12-06 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-04 pelyaSmall fix to build script
2012-12-01 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-01 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-01 pelyaUpdated OpenArena project
2012-11-30 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-11-30 pelyaFixed script to create source archive
2012-11-30 pelyaRemove files and SD config also when app version is...
2012-11-30 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-11-30 pelyaUpdated OpenArena once again.
2012-11-30 pelyaFixed build scripts
2012-11-30 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-11-29 pelyaOpenArena: do not generate .so files for game logic
2012-11-28 pelyaSaving shared libraries from assets to files dir instea...
2012-11-28 pelyaOpenArena: merged upstream engine
2012-11-28 pelyaOpenArena: Added zoom and scoreboard on-screen keys
2012-11-28 pelyaFixed tiny bug in text input
2012-11-27 pelyaAdded another video mode for UAE4ALL2
2012-11-26 pelyaAdded new skin to OpenArena
2012-11-26 pelyaFixed screen keyboard semi-transparency
2012-11-26 pelyaScript for creating .tar.gz source archive, with whole...
2012-11-26 pelyaDeleted unused files with spaces
2012-11-26 pelyaUpdated OpenArena yet again
2012-11-25 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-11-25 pelyaFixed on-screen keyboard GL save/restore code
2012-11-25 pelyaCompatibility hack for apps that ignore audio buffer...
2012-11-25 pelyaUpdated OpenArena project
2012-11-25 pelyaSmall fix to joystick input
2012-11-25 pelyaLocale support (used in xlm2/trio.c) does not work...
2012-11-25 pelyaUpdated OpenArena downloads
2012-11-23 pelyaMerge branch 'sdl_android' of
2012-11-23 pelyaUpdated OpenTTD
2012-11-22 Gerhard SteinCommander Genius Update
2012-11-22 Gerhard SteinCommander Genius Update
2012-11-21 pelyaFixes, fixes
2012-11-21 pelyaMerge branch 'sdl_android' of
2012-11-21 pelyaUpdated PrefClub
2012-11-21 pelyaSupport for readme in Java
2012-11-21 pelyaDo not rebuild libtimidity that SDL_mixer uses
2012-11-21 pelyaUpdated PrefClub project
2012-11-20 Gerhard SteinCommander Genius RC1 Updates
2012-11-20 Gerhard SteinUpdated Commmander Genius
2012-11-20 pelyaUpdated UfoAI project
2012-11-16 Gerhard SteinUpdated Commander Genius to Version 1.0 Beta 6
2012-11-16 pelyaFixed compilation with NDK r8c
2012-11-16 pelyaUpdated UfoAI project icon
2012-11-11 pelyaFixed small bug in OpenGL example
2012-11-11 pelyaUpdated OpenGL test app
2012-11-11 pelyaFixed Shift keycode, for use with EmulatesHwKeyboard=y
2012-11-10 pelyaFixed warning message
2012-11-09 pelyaGenerate left mouse click without delay, even if two...
2012-11-09 pelyaCleaned up readme files and build files
2012-11-08 pelyaOops
2012-11-08 pelyaUpdated OpenTTD
2012-11-08 pelyaFixed scrolling wheel direction
2012-11-08 pelyaOpenTTD: forgot to enable 24bpp mode in AndroidAppSettings
2012-11-08 pelyaUpdated readme for UfoAI project
2012-11-01 pelyaUpdated UfoAI project
2012-11-01 pelyaWaiting for proper screen orientation in a proper way
2012-11-01 pelyaBumped up multitouch rotation event sensitivity
2012-11-01 pelyaFixed crash in SDL_mixer on armeabi-v7a arch, caused...
2012-11-01 pelyaFixed few bugs in data downloader
2012-11-01 pelyaTentative fix for the slow orientation change when...
2012-11-01 pelyaAdded warning in case of broken cfg file
2012-10-31 pelyaMore sensible error message when data download aborted
2012-10-31 pelyaUpdated UfoAI project
2012-10-31 pelyaAnother small fix to the partial data downloading
2012-10-30 pelyaFix to the partial data downloading
2012-10-30 pelyaOption to warn user if the device does not have enough RAM
2012-10-30 pelyaSupport for resuming download of partially-downloaded...
2012-10-29 pelyaUpdated bugs.txt
2012-10-29 pelyaFix to my prev commit
2012-10-29 pelyaSome downloadable items can be made mandatory, by issui...
2012-10-29 pelyaOption to sleep in audio thread, to prevent audio chopp...
2012-10-29 pelyaFix to SDL_ttf transparency, by ZX81
2012-10-29 pelyaMerge branch 'sdl_android' of
2012-10-29 pelyaSDL_ScreenKeyboard compatibility for SDL2, updated...
2012-10-21 pelyaSmall update to OpenArena build system
2012-10-21 pelyaSetting some env variables like app path and display...
2012-10-19 pelyaTeeWorlds: Added missing remote repo
2012-10-19 pelyaMoved some files around between SDL 1.2 and 1.3
2012-10-18 pelyaSpecial hack for TeeWorlds
2012-10-18 pelyaRenamed TeeWorlds project dir, rebased my changes to...
2012-10-17 pelyaUpdated build system
2012-10-17 pelyaAdded TeeWorlds 0.7 project
2012-10-17 pelyaMoved old TeeWorlds to different folder
2012-10-17 pelyaAdded GLU library from
2012-10-10 pelyaUpdated OpenTTD
2012-10-06 pelyaSmall update to OpenArena
2012-10-03 pelyaUpdated readme with the information where to find the...