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2013-01-16 Chris Westre-applied previous fixes to SDL1.2 video code, after... master
2013-01-13 Chris Westimproved handling of on-screen keyboard for GLES1.0...
2013-01-10 Chris Westadded native API to get physical screen dimensions
2012-12-30 Chris Westset target to android-14 (is this right?)
2012-12-29 Chris WestMerge branch 'sdl_android' of /home/chris/Projects...
2012-12-28 pelyaUpdated TeeWorlds project
2012-12-28 pelyaScript to sign .apk files
2012-12-28 pelyaUpdated helper build scripts, this may break compilatio...
2012-12-22 pelyaOption to pass touch events to both on-screen keyboard...
2012-12-21 pelyaFixed bug with deleting files on upgrade one extra...
2012-12-21 Gerhard SteinCommander Genius Updates
2012-12-21 Gerhard SteinMerge branch 'sdl_android' of
2012-12-21 Gerhard SteinCommander Genius Update
2012-12-21 pelyaUpdated OpenArena
2012-12-20 Gerhard SteinCommander Genius update
2012-12-20 Gerhard SteinCG Data Updates
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