5 years agoAdd minor cosmetic fixes.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 18:34:05 +0000 (12:34 -0600)]
Add minor cosmetic fixes.

5 years agoAdd spacing fixes.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 18:30:36 +0000 (12:30 -0600)]
Add spacing fixes.

5 years agoApply dactions to transiting monsters, refactor related code
DracoOmega [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 06:31:25 +0000 (03:01 -0330)]
Apply dactions to transiting monsters, refactor related code

Dactions which affect monsters (such as abandoning or joining certain
gods, enslaving new souls, killing Pikel) now apply not only to
monsters currently on a level, but monsters that have yet to transit
to a level (eg: fell down a shaft or were banished, but the player
has not yet visited their destination).

Previously, it was possible to visit the Abyss and find (say)
still-friendly undead slaves there after abandoning Yred in the
meantime. This also fixes the unfortunate case of shafted Pikel slave
not getting the news about their cruel slavemaster's death.

5 years agoDon't have friendly vault sentinels blow their horns
DracoOmega [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 01:17:08 +0000 (21:47 -0330)]
Don't have friendly vault sentinels blow their horns

While amusing to watch, it's also probably better if 'friends'
didn't perform actions that primarily help the player's enemies.

5 years agoAdd a temporary routine to clean up after some invalid god companions
DracoOmega [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 01:08:09 +0000 (21:38 -0330)]
Add a temporary routine to clean up after some invalid god companions

This should prevent one crash caused by saves containing cloned companions
and allow those players to continue their games, but should be unnecessary
once all cloning bugs are fully quashed.

5 years agoFix another method of cloning Yred/Beogh companions
DracoOmega [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 00:59:20 +0000 (21:29 -0330)]
Fix another method of cloning Yred/Beogh companions

5 years agoWebtiles: Fix escaping of newlines in JSON strings.
Florian Diebold [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 14:25:19 +0000 (15:25 +0100)]
Webtiles: Fix escaping of newlines in JSON strings.

This fixes the meatsprint opening messages.

5 years agoWebtiles: Fix the command marker overwriting the turn marker.
Florian Diebold [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 11:46:47 +0000 (12:46 +0100)]
Webtiles: Fix the command marker overwriting the turn marker.

5 years agoLava snake, lava worm, & swamp worm tiles
ontoclasm [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 07:39:44 +0000 (01:39 -0600)]
Lava snake, lava worm, & swamp worm tiles

5 years agoComment nitpick in
Samuel Bronson [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 03:10:38 +0000 (22:10 -0500)]
Comment nitpick in

5 years agoBlock fish from spawning in baileys, bailey entrances
Jason Van [Wed, 13 Feb 2013 02:20:31 +0000 (21:20 -0500)]
Block fish from spawning in baileys, bailey entrances

Annoying as most other liquid monster spawns, yet inconsistently spawned;
might as well cut them off from all baileys after portal_branches.

5 years agoFix some bad whitespace from the previous commit.
Samuel Bronson [Sat, 9 Mar 2013 02:26:07 +0000 (21:26 -0500)]
Fix some bad whitespace from the previous commit.

Including a removed newline at EOF that introduced a parse error.

5 years agoPortal (mostly) entry vault edits
Jason Van [Fri, 8 Mar 2013 23:36:45 +0000 (18:36 -0500)]
Portal (mostly) entry vault edits

Mostly making the entries more consistent.
Most important changes:
 * Portal entry vaults are in general more consistent between each entry vault.
 * Sewer entry water matches the colours of the waters inside sewers themselves.
 * Enable ice caves, wizlabs for Vaults again, lost in further Vaults overhauls.
   Due to the nature of V wall materials, only using floor-bordered vaults.
 * Labs don't spawn in Elf or V (too weak, bazaars are fine time limit gimmick),
   and cut off on D:18 instead of D:21.
 * Bazaar entries have explicit entry default-depth:
   D:11-, Orc:4, Elf, Snake, Shoals, Vaults:1-4. No spawns technically limited.
 * Convert some newV ice cave entry vaults into regular entries.
 * Give wizlabs back their chances to spawn (whoops!)

5 years agoUpdate STATUS_LAST_STATUS (elliott)
Chris Campbell [Fri, 8 Mar 2013 16:36:49 +0000 (16:36 +0000)]
Update STATUS_LAST_STATUS (elliott)

5 years agoDon't skip handle_phase_end() when bailing out of the melee code early.
elliptic [Fri, 8 Mar 2013 04:22:16 +0000 (23:22 -0500)]
Don't skip handle_phase_end() when bailing out of the melee code early.

This caused a lot of bad behavior when combined with cleaving, since the
second half of the cleaving was called from handle_phase_end(). In
particular, the Axe of Woe now gets a full cleave again.

The auxiliary attack was moved out of handle_phase_end() to
handle_phase_aux(). The other things in handle_phase_end() are hopefully
reasonable to do at the end of any attack.

5 years agoDon't send KILL_RESET creatures to the Abyss
DracoOmega [Fri, 8 Mar 2013 03:11:55 +0000 (23:41 -0330)]
Don't send KILL_RESET creatures to the Abyss

Several killer_types need to be merged/deleted/clarified, since it
is unclear what some of them do, and variable which ones are actually
used in particular circumstances. But for now, this should at least
prevent Beogh/Yred allies from randomly ending up in the Abyss
when you travel between levels.

5 years agoReplace an assert with a more informative error message
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 23:21:01 +0000 (19:51 -0330)]
Replace an assert with a more informative error message

This should allow people affected by the companion cloning bug to
enter the Abyss once more, and also give more useful information
about certain kinds of invalid monsters in future, rather than
simply crashing.

5 years agoRemove companions from tracking if banishment 'killed' them
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 21:43:38 +0000 (18:13 -0330)]
Remove companions from tracking if banishment 'killed' them

5 years agoProperly remove all companion tracking when you abandon Yred/Beogh
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 21:18:16 +0000 (17:48 -0330)]
Properly remove all companion tracking when you abandon Yred/Beogh

Due to delayed actions firing immediately after being queued, allies
on your present level would already have turned hostile by the time
the companion list was looking for them (and thus would not identify
them as allies). The friendliness check seems unnecessary anyway,
and so it has been removed.

An amusing side-effect of this issue meant that it was possible to
abandon one of these gods, rejoin, and then recall hostile former
allies from off-level to your location.

5 years agoUse the normal attack delay when attacking empty space.
elliptic [Fri, 8 Mar 2013 02:54:59 +0000 (21:54 -0500)]
Use the normal attack delay when attacking empty space.

Previously a character with 0 axes skill and an executioner's axe could
attack monsters at double speed (and 0.75x damage) by attacking empty
space next to the monsters and cleaving.

The normal attack hunger was already being applied, so this change is
consistent with that.

5 years agoDon't special case stone arches in the abyss
Brendan Hickey [Fri, 8 Mar 2013 02:35:51 +0000 (18:35 -0800)]
Don't special case stone arches in the abyss

5 years agoIncrease talon damage slightly.
elliptic [Fri, 8 Mar 2013 00:48:41 +0000 (19:48 -0500)]
Increase talon damage slightly.

5 years agoFix some issues with Troll gourmand (#6721)
Chris Campbell [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 15:38:31 +0000 (15:38 +0000)]
Fix some issues with Troll gourmand (#6721)

Correctly mark the amulet as useless to them, and make sure their
gourmand duration is always at the maximum value (so they don't have
reduced nutrition and a chance of nausea just after entering the

5 years agoFix auto-ID for rings of hunger (Nobody)
Chris Campbell [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 15:22:44 +0000 (15:22 +0000)]
Fix auto-ID for rings of hunger (Nobody)

5 years agoOffer contaminated chunks before rotten ones if prefer_safe_chunks is true
Policarpo Caballero [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 21:05:34 +0000 (22:05 +0100)]
Offer contaminated chunks before rotten ones if prefer_safe_chunks is true

5 years agoSimplify.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 07:04:56 +0000 (01:04 -0600)]

5 years agoAdd formatting fixes.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 07:04:26 +0000 (01:04 -0600)]
Add formatting fixes.

5 years agoResort Yred's likes a bit.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 07:01:21 +0000 (01:01 -0600)]
Resort Yred's likes a bit.

5 years agoTiles for THE AXE OF WOE
ontoclasm [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 06:52:38 +0000 (00:52 -0600)]
Tiles for THE AXE OF WOE

5 years agoClamp Layout Tweak
Brendan Hickey [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 05:47:48 +0000 (21:47 -0800)]
Clamp Layout Tweak

Modify clamp layout so that the turn on which a square might change is not predictable.

5 years agoShow the proper tile for multi-tile sealed doors
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 05:47:16 +0000 (02:17 -0330)]
Show the proper tile for multi-tile sealed doors

5 years agoFormatting fix.
Neil Moore [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 04:28:13 +0000 (23:28 -0500)]
Formatting fix.

5 years agoFix gup_sewer_entry_pipe coloring deep and shallow water the same
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 03:59:02 +0000 (00:29 -0330)]
Fix gup_sewer_entry_pipe coloring deep and shallow water the same

5 years agoBuff vault sentinels a bit
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 03:32:10 +0000 (00:02 -0330)]
Buff vault sentinels a bit

Increase HP (their old value was rather sad), and also HD and
MR a little.

5 years agoList a monster's xp value when showing debug info for it in wizmode
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 03:25:16 +0000 (23:55 -0330)]
List a monster's xp value when showing debug info for it in wizmode

5 years agoTentacled starspawn stat adjustments
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 03:06:46 +0000 (23:36 -0330)]
Tentacled starspawn stat adjustments

Make starspawn nonliving (like other abyssals) rather than demonic.
Increase speed from 8 to 9, reduce damage from 45,35 to 40,25.
Make it more likely to spawn tentacles, reduce chance to escape from
them, and increase constriction damage slightly.

5 years agoDon't consider closed doors as opaque to pathfinding
DracoOmega [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 01:56:01 +0000 (22:26 -0330)]
Don't consider closed doors as opaque to pathfinding

There's already a check later on which tests whether the monster can
open them (previously unreachable). In practice, this meant that
monsters would ignore nearby closed doors in favor of more circuitous
routes across open terrain, even if they were capable of opening these
doors. This was especially evident against players with sentinel's mark,
as monsters would frequently clump up on the opposite side of walls and
never reach you, due to all paths being blocked by closed doors.

5 years agoFormatting and whitespace fixes.
Neil Moore [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 23:54:10 +0000 (18:54 -0500)]
Formatting and whitespace fixes.

5 years agoSlightly increase vault warden band size
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 21:14:41 +0000 (17:44 -0330)]
Slightly increase vault warden band size

5 years agoFurther reduce the likelihood of monsters placing without their bands in V
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 20:49:55 +0000 (17:19 -0330)]
Further reduce the likelihood of monsters placing without their bands in V

5 years agoMake most vaults_room vaults place bands, plus vaults_room/hard edits.
Jason Van [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 21:21:12 +0000 (16:21 -0500)]
Make most vaults_room vaults place bands, plus vaults_room/hard edits.

Put in a 0 band by default into most vaults_room vaults,
with lower chances for random other monsters otherwise.
This keeps the new V monsters with their bands,
plus allowing a future V monster set focusing on bands to play better.

Also, a little housekeeping, and some commentary to keep things cleaner.

5 years agoHopefully fix band monsters in walls in V
Pete Hurst [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 21:16:06 +0000 (21:16 +0000)]
Hopefully fix band monsters in walls in V

5 years agoDon't blame the player for the result of Hell effects
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 19:41:55 +0000 (16:11 -0330)]
Don't blame the player for the result of Hell effects

For example, an angel dying to a Hell-caused freezing cloud would
incur TSO penance.

5 years agoDon't spawn clouds and display Abyss spawn messages for starcursed mass splits
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 19:02:41 +0000 (15:32 -0330)]
Don't spawn clouds and display Abyss spawn messages for starcursed mass splits

And slime creature too, if one somehow ends up down there.

5 years agoRandomly teleport in the Meatlord like other meatsprint uniques
Chris Campbell [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 19:34:14 +0000 (19:34 +0000)]
Randomly teleport in the Meatlord like other meatsprint uniques

Instead of always dropping him on the exit staircase. Makes winning
hugely difficult, but that's basically the intention anyway.

5 years agoRename {sslith} to {run} (naga barding ego:running)
Chris Oelmueller [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 11:15:26 +0000 (12:15 +0100)]
Rename {sslith} to {run} (naga barding ego:running)

This abbreviation of "speedy slithering" confused many players, some of
them even considered it a typo of `{slith}` or something along those
lines. Because they are probably more familiar with regular boots of
running, this commit removes special casing a very rare ego name.
Verbose item names still refer to a "naga barding of speedy slithering"
and the item description is unchanged as well.

Additionally, fixes a bug where naga bardings somehow generated with
the running ego would produce terse item names like "naga bardingspeed"
for instance in the `%` overview screen.
This was introduced by 9a9817d403128e58de5e3a8361065b9dced4a6be not
editing changes made in 42acab0b7d5738062a3d4efc83002d9ad890381f.

This reverts parts of commit ace582297502e6b7e4e0f44a58f5f7c23c278dfe.

5 years agoRename terse ego description {rflct} to {reflect}
Chris Oelmueller [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 11:21:59 +0000 (12:21 +0100)]
Rename terse ego description {rflct} to {reflect}

Even "D - +1 large shield {reflect} {Donald}" fits on the `%` screen
without overflow, and there are several terse ego names longer than five
chars such as "darkness", "ponderous" or "Archmagi". No need to cut
vowels here, really.

5 years agoIdentify the wand of digging in trove_dig
Chris Campbell [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 14:25:57 +0000 (14:25 +0000)]
Identify the wand of digging in trove_dig

5 years agoFix indentation.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 07:26:17 +0000 (01:26 -0600)]
Fix indentation.

5 years agolong long -> uint64_t
Brendan Hickey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 06:40:23 +0000 (22:40 -0800)]
long long -> uint64_t

Use properly sized types rather than 'this type is at least this big' types.

5 years agoCity Layout
Brendan Hickey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 06:37:50 +0000 (22:37 -0800)]
City Layout

A preliminary vaults-style abyss city layout.
Needs holes punched in the walls before it can go into use.
Trapping players sucks.

5 years agoWorley cell center vectors
Brendan Hickey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 05:50:26 +0000 (21:50 -0800)]
Worley cell center vectors

Expose the cell center vector in worley.

5 years agoRecall allies in rough order of HD (with random jitter)
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 01:57:10 +0000 (22:27 -0330)]
Recall allies in rough order of HD (with random jitter)

Fully random ordering had several problems when the player had a
large number of allies, many of which were mostly worthless.
Raising a bunch of green rat skeletons shouldn't make a Yred
worshipper's effective recall power noticeably weaker, for example,
nor should a Beogh follower gaining a large number of plain orcs to
accompany their warlords.

5 years agoAdd a retreat command for allies
DracoOmega [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 17:41:21 +0000 (14:11 -0330)]
Add a retreat command for allies

This adds a new ally command ('retreat!') and associated behavior.

Ordering a retreat asks the player to specify a general direction,
then your allies will attempt to withdraw in that direction. While
withdrawing, they will not respond to attacks against them, nor
will they attack any other creatures.

Allies will withdraw a maximum distance of around twice LOS radius,
but will pause and idle if they get much beyond half this distance
away from the player (and will remain non-responsive to hostiles
during this period). If they spend several turns blocked by walls,
a considerably longer time idle without a nearby player, or actually
reach their rally point, they will stop withdrawing and attempt to
return to the player.

In practice, this means that you can cover your allies' retreat,
allowing them to proceed towards safe territory ahead of you, but
they will not cover the maximal retreat distance unless you
eventually accompany them.

5 years agoMake monster debug info in wizmode display monster props
DracoOmega [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 22:40:39 +0000 (19:10 -0330)]
Make monster debug info in wizmode display monster props

It currently does not display all possible types that can be stored
as a prop (eg: lua chunks or vectors), but none of those types are
currently used anywhere as a monster prop, either.

5 years agoMake a function public and rename
DracoOmega [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 18:31:20 +0000 (15:01 -0330)]
Make a function public and rename

5 years agoMake tf reset allies back to BEH_SEEK
DracoOmega [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 04:00:31 +0000 (00:30 -0330)]
Make tf reset allies back to BEH_SEEK

5 years agoAdd Burstiness to clamp layout.
Brendan Hickey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 05:01:21 +0000 (21:01 -0800)]
Add Burstiness to clamp layout.

Add a burstiness option to clamp layout.
When picking the turn on which a feature might change, generate two 32-bit
values and AND them together.

5 years agoRemove a (hopefully) unnecessary line
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 04:43:02 +0000 (01:13 -0330)]
Remove a (hopefully) unnecessary line

5 years agoFix a crash with abandoning Yred/Beogh
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 04:42:42 +0000 (01:12 -0330)]
Fix a crash with abandoning Yred/Beogh

5 years agoAdd a wizmode command to list Yred/Beogh followers
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 03:58:04 +0000 (00:28 -0330)]
Add a wizmode command to list Yred/Beogh followers

5 years agoFix cloning Yred/Beogh companions via recall and stairs
DracoOmega [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 03:07:29 +0000 (23:37 -0330)]
Fix cloning Yred/Beogh companions via recall and stairs

5 years agoClamp Layout
Brendan Hickey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 04:47:36 +0000 (20:47 -0800)]
Clamp Layout

A procedural layout wrapper that clamps a layout to change no more
frequently than some limiting parameter. If you underestimate how
rapidly the underlying layout changes, aliasing will occur.

5 years agoRemove redundant import
Brendan Hickey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 04:25:39 +0000 (20:25 -0800)]
Remove redundant import

5 years agoAdd a simple scoring function to meatsprint
Chris Campbell [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 03:55:38 +0000 (03:55 +0000)]
Add a simple scoring function to meatsprint

Suggested by elliptic and evilmike - just scores based on time survived,
doubled if you win. Possible improvements would be to give points
per monster killed, perhaps with different amounts of points for each
monster type.

5 years agoAdd more formatting fixes.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 04:13:23 +0000 (22:13 -0600)]
Add more formatting fixes.

5 years agoAdd formatting fixes.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Wed, 6 Mar 2013 04:02:42 +0000 (22:02 -0600)]
Add formatting fixes.

5 years agoMerge branch 'meatsprint'
Chris Campbell [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 23:32:22 +0000 (23:32 +0000)]
Merge branch 'meatsprint'

5 years agoMore Vaults from HangedMan (#6703).
Neil Moore [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 21:10:37 +0000 (16:10 -0500)]
More Vaults from HangedMan (#6703).

Sigils serial vault, by HangedMan.
Alien, pervasive curves of thick stone tendrils curling onto a given
level; great worms of stone left as simple mysteries for the Dungeon.

Also: two decorative D mini_features.des vaults using a
previously-established lua function, another Zot decorative vault, and a
big nasty late D vault themed around a tougher, mixed-up Lair.

5 years agoWebtiles: Don't even show the input box for spectators.
Florian Diebold [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 19:59:06 +0000 (20:59 +0100)]
Webtiles: Don't even show the input box for spectators.

5 years agoMake sure to send menu_scroll before selection in WebTiles
Pekka Lampila [Sat, 2 Mar 2013 11:34:04 +0000 (13:34 +0200)]
Make sure to send menu_scroll before selection in WebTiles

Send menu_scroll message early for any keys not handled by the menu
code. This makes sure that when selection happens server's view is up to

5 years agoMake sure new menus are scrolled to the top in WebTiles
Pekka Lampila [Sat, 2 Mar 2013 10:41:25 +0000 (12:41 +0200)]
Make sure new menus are scrolled to the top in WebTiles

In Firefox menu scrolling position was remembered between different

5 years agoHide WebTiles dialogs when the connection is closed
Pekka Lampila [Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:28:42 +0000 (19:28 +0200)]
Hide WebTiles dialogs when the connection is closed

5 years agoCheck WebTiles menu indices after each scroll
Pekka Lampila [Mon, 25 Feb 2013 08:11:09 +0000 (10:11 +0200)]
Check WebTiles menu indices after each scroll

5 years agoFix javascript errors when spectating someone who is in map mode (#6690).
Florian Diebold [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 19:37:03 +0000 (20:37 +0100)]
Fix javascript errors when spectating someone who is in map mode (#6690).

5 years agoWebtiles: Fix the view position not being sent when a spectator joins (#6654).
Florian Diebold [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 19:32:59 +0000 (20:32 +0100)]
Webtiles: Fix the view position not being sent when a spectator joins (#6654).

5 years agoFix the message window scroll position being messed up when resizing the browser...
Florian Diebold [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 19:24:17 +0000 (20:24 +0100)]
Fix the message window scroll position being messed up when resizing the browser window (#6694).

5 years agoFix #6724: Webtiles chat window loses focus when spectating.
Florian Diebold [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 19:09:09 +0000 (20:09 +0100)]
Fix #6724: Webtiles chat window loses focus when spectating.

5 years agoAdd Medar to the credits.
Florian Diebold [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 18:59:56 +0000 (19:59 +0100)]
Add Medar to the credits.

5 years agoClear more values in WebTiles player class init
Pekka Lampila [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 11:51:14 +0000 (13:51 +0200)]
Clear more values in WebTiles player class init

5 years agoSupport numpad insert in WebTiles
Pekka Lampila [Mon, 25 Feb 2013 09:16:19 +0000 (11:16 +0200)]
Support numpad insert in WebTiles

5 years agoSupport numpad 5 in WebTiles
Pekka Lampila [Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:32:27 +0000 (17:32 +0200)]
Support numpad 5 in WebTiles

5 years agoFix a vault that could trap players
Chris Campbell [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 18:21:48 +0000 (18:21 +0000)]
Fix a vault that could trap players

5 years agoTweak wording.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 07:33:56 +0000 (01:33 -0600)]
Tweak wording.

5 years agoRework Donald's Vehumet complaints to account for the Vehumet changes.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 07:23:20 +0000 (01:23 -0600)]
Rework Donald's Vehumet complaints to account for the Vehumet changes.

5 years agoCapitalization fix.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 07:12:55 +0000 (01:12 -0600)]
Capitalization fix.

5 years agoTurtle tiles
ontoclasm [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 06:27:46 +0000 (00:27 -0600)]
Turtle tiles

5 years agoExorcise Poltergeists
Brendan Hickey [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 06:24:35 +0000 (22:24 -0800)]
Exorcise Poltergeists

Do not overwrite open doors in the abyss with closed doors (and vice versa).

5 years agoComment Procedural level generators.
Brendan Hickey [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 05:57:44 +0000 (21:57 -0800)]
Comment Procedural level generators.

5 years agoSkeleton tiles (Aygtets, 6735)
ontoclasm [Tue, 5 Mar 2013 01:26:29 +0000 (19:26 -0600)]
Skeleton tiles (Aygtets, 6735)

5 years agoWiden the domain of perlin::noise to cover at least all of uint32_t.
Samuel Bronson [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 23:17:30 +0000 (18:17 -0500)]
Widen the domain of perlin::noise to cover at least all of uint32_t.

5 years agoReorder conduct checks a bit.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 22:09:56 +0000 (16:09 -0600)]
Reorder conduct checks a bit.

5 years agoFix abbreviation.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 21:39:25 +0000 (15:39 -0600)]
Fix abbreviation.

5 years agoFix comments
ontoclasm [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 21:20:40 +0000 (15:20 -0600)]
Fix comments

5 years agoTiles for sealed doors
ontoclasm [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 20:57:26 +0000 (14:57 -0600)]
Tiles for sealed doors

5 years agoComment fix.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 21:16:35 +0000 (15:16 -0600)]
Comment fix.

5 years agoDon't mark Cigotuvi's Degeneration as corpse-violating; it's never used on corpses.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 21:07:18 +0000 (15:07 -0600)]
Don't mark Cigotuvi's Degeneration as corpse-violating; it's never used on corpses.

5 years agoFix spacing.
David Lawrence Ramsey [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 20:52:07 +0000 (14:52 -0600)]
Fix spacing.

5 years agoPrevent grunt_runaround subvaults from placing on their own.
Steve Melenchuk [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 20:06:43 +0000 (13:06 -0700)]
Prevent grunt_runaround subvaults from placing on their own.

Thanks to HangedMan for pointing this out.

5 years agoAdd some comments to
Samuel Bronson [Mon, 4 Mar 2013 19:34:56 +0000 (14:34 -0500)]
Add some comments to