Changelog for 0.11.3
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2013-05-05 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.11.3 stone_soup-0.11 0.11.3
2013-01-25 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.11.2 0.11.2
2012-11-16 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.11.1 0.11.1
2012-09-30 Adam BorowskiSet the 0.11 date in the changelog. 0.11.0
2012-09-23 Adam BorowskiMention config file changes in the changelog.
2012-08-27 Raphael LangellaAdd sacrifice_before_explore to the changelog.
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukUpdate changelog through 0.11-a0-3206-g559a7a8.
2012-08-08 Adam BorowskiUpdate changelog to 0.11-a0-3148-g097cb9d.
2012-07-30 David Lawrence RamseyFix change log entry capitalization and punctuation.
2012-07-30 Florian DieboldPay respects to hairy devils in the changelog.
2012-07-26 Florian DieboldMerge branch 'slime-tiles'
2012-07-24 Adam BorowskiAxe killer bee larvae.
2012-07-22 Adam BorowskiChangelog up to 0.11-a0-2943-g95738d1.
2012-07-22 David Lawrence RamseyTypo fix.
2012-07-17 David Lawrence RamseyFix capitalization.
2012-07-16 Adam BorowskiTrim the changelog (alefury)
2012-07-15 Steve MelenchukChangelog up to 0.11-a0-2859-ga7b20a9.
2012-07-11 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'unicode-tiles'
2012-07-11 Neil MooreMention ZigSprint in changelog.txt.
2012-07-08 Neil MooreFix changelog wording.
2012-07-08 David Lawrence RamseyFix changelog entry punctuation.
2012-07-08 Michael GagnoMention hell sentinels / pit fiends in the 0.11 changel...
2012-07-07 Michael GagnoMention Pan exit changes in the changelog.
2012-07-07 Michael GagnoChangelog up to up to 0.11-a0-2724-g330e717
2012-07-05 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'lightning_rod'
2012-07-01 Adam BorowskiDisable the "cyrillic" fake language.
2012-06-24 David Lawrence RamseyFix punctuation in changelog entry.
2012-06-24 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.10.3
2012-06-24 Adam BorowskiApparently, Arachne and Fannar are not one unique in...
2012-06-24 Adam BorowskiChangelog, up to 0.11-a0-2423-g1baa356
2012-06-04 David Lawrence RamseyFix wording of changelog entry.
2012-06-04 Adam BorowskiChangelog, up to 0.11-a0-2142-gc0f278e
2012-05-04 Adam BorowskiChangelog: use the official name of Golubria's Roulette.
2012-05-03 David Lawrence RamseyMention grey dracs' extra AC in the changelog.
2012-05-03 David Lawrence RamseyMention grey dracs' no longer fumbling in water in...
2012-05-03 David Lawrence RamseyRemove duplicate changelog entries.
2012-05-03 Adam BorowskiChangelog, up to 0.11-a0-1660-g8ce0e0f
2012-04-25 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into portal_branches
2012-04-14 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.10.2
2012-03-26 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into portal_branches
2012-03-15 Adam BorowskiChangelog for 0.10.1
2012-02-21 Adam BorowskiInsert missing changelogs for stable maintenance point...
2012-02-20 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into portal_branches
2012-02-16 Adam BorowskiUpdate the 0.10 release date in the changelog.
2012-02-14 Adam BorowskiChangelog: Che Guebriados gives no resists.
2012-02-12 David Lawrence RamseyFix punctuation in changelog entry.
2012-02-12 Michael GagnoCorrect description of action_counts in changelog.
2012-02-11 Adam BorowskiMinor changelog tweaks.
2012-02-11 Michael GagnoUpdate changelog.
2012-02-01 Chris CampbellChangelog updates and wording tweaks
2012-01-31 Michael GagnoMention new PoG in changelog.
2012-01-26 Chris CampbellUpdate spells section of changelog
2012-01-26 Michael GagnoMention Dispel Undead and Alistair's changes in changelog.
2012-01-25 Michael GagnoUpdate changelog.
2012-01-25 Michael GagnoUpdate and clean up changelog.
2012-01-24 Adam BorowskiChangelog: Pr get quarterstaves as well. Only Ar get...
2012-01-23 David Lawrence RamseyClean up the changelog a bit.
2012-01-22 Michael GagnoUpdate changelog.
2012-01-16 Adam BorowskiMention massive tile changes in the changelog.
2012-01-14 David Lawrence RamseyAdd changelog entries for new Twisted Resurrection...
2012-01-13 David Lawrence RamseyMove and reword one changelog entry.
2012-01-13 David Lawrence RamseyWrap changelog entry.
2012-01-13 David Lawrence RamseyAdd spacing fix.
2012-01-13 David Lawrence RamseyAdd changelog entry for killer bee larva upgrading...
2012-01-11 David Lawrence RamseyRemove redundant changelog entry.
2012-01-08 David Lawrence RamseyMention the Tengu MP increase in the changelog.
2012-01-08 David Lawrence RamseyFix wording.
2012-01-08 Adam BorowskiUpdate the changelog to 17a00637.
2011-12-28 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into portal_branches
2011-12-22 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'constriction'
2011-12-15 Florian DieboldMerge branch 'tiles-monster-info'
2011-12-10 Florian DieboldChangelog update.
2011-11-19 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into portal_branches
2011-11-16 Robert BurnhamMerge branch 'unified_combat_control' of gitorious...
2011-11-16 Robert BurnhamMerge branch 'master' into unified_combat_control
2011-11-16 Adam BorowskiMention that all polearms reach in the "highlights...
2011-10-31 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'nausea'. Blame dpeg!
2011-10-25 Robert BurnhamMerge branch 'master' into unified_combat_control
2011-10-24 Samuel BronsonMerge branch 'luadoc'
2011-10-23 Chris CampbellMinor changelog fixes
2011-10-22 Chris CampbellUpdate changelog to 2deb586e0657837
2011-10-20 Eino KeskitaloTwo small changelog fixes.
2011-10-19 David PloogFix error in changelog (galefury).
2011-10-19 Florian DieboldA tiny changelog reformulation.
2011-10-19 David PloogUpdate changelog, up to 9f9c7fa0de6d822a4e957f883d5b232...
2011-10-19 ellipticFix an error in the changelog (minmay).
2011-10-10 Adam BorowskiRoll back Vinterman/Ryak's food changes.
2011-10-06 David PloogPreliminary food reform entry in change log.
2011-10-06 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'no_free_piety'
2011-10-06 Samuel BronsonThrow any players who happen to check ?V a bone w.r...
2011-10-03 Samuel BronsonHighlight the final demise of dancing.
2011-09-21 Adam BorowskiUpdate the changelog, up to 0.10-a0-807-gb39258c.
2011-09-08 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'master' into demons
2011-09-05 Adam BorowskiStart the 0.10 changelog (up to 0.10-a0-506-g08addcd).
2011-09-02 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'master' into demons
2011-08-12 Adam BorowskiUpdate the release date for 0.9
2011-08-09 Adam BorowskiMention ZotDef.
2011-08-09 Adam BorowskiNicer indentation of the changelog.
2011-08-09 Adam BorowskiFix Ignacio's spelling.
2011-08-08 Chris CampbellAdd some tiles stuff to the changelog