2015-03-23 gammafunkUpdate the debian directory 0.16.1
2015-03-23 gammafunkUpdate the changelog for the 0.16.1 release
2015-03-23 gammafunkReapply a fix for a crash with cleaving + infusion...
2015-03-22 reaverbDon't double all player melee damage (Revert e0bdd66d8)
2015-03-19 Neil MooreDon't call decks of known type "BUGGY" in webtiles...
2015-03-18 Chris CampbellFix spacing in a Dragoncall message
2015-03-18 Neil MooreDon't make FeWr autopickup tomahawks (#9558)
2015-03-18 Neil MooreDon't mutate or drain the player in fsim.
2015-03-18 Neil MooreBe more careful with duplicate ghost annotations (rast)
2015-03-18 Nicholas FeinbergDon't make Zin hate Contam (minmay)
2015-03-17 Nicholas FeinbergDon't make monsters avoid shadow traps (simm)
2015-03-17 Nicholas FeinbergFliers shouldn't think they're immune to mechtraps
2015-03-17 Nicholas FeinbergDon't make monsters avoid dormant shadow traps
2015-03-15 Nicholas FeinbergRe-add Ink Cloud's emergency flag
2015-03-15 Chris CampbellDon't allow swapping with tentacles (#9549)
2015-03-14 Nicholas FeinbergDon't warn for un-ID'd stasis while hasted (9542)
2015-03-14 Neil MooreLet ctrl-f see books' last spells' schools (#9534)
2015-03-13 Steve MelenchukUnbreak other builds.
2015-03-13 Steve MelenchukUgly Android build fixes.
2015-03-13 ellipticFix throwing a wielded item taking much less time.
2015-03-13 Nicholas FeinbergDon't block controlled blink in Sprint
2015-03-12 gammafunkFinal changelog for 0.16 0.16.0
2015-03-12 gammafunkUpdate the debian directory for 0.16.0
2015-03-12 Edgar A. Bering IVSimplify shop/shopping list interaction with duplicate...
2015-03-11 Edgar A. Bering IVCheck launcher inscription before firing using the...
2015-03-11 Neil MooreDon't crash when hydraform devours Asterion.
2015-03-11 Neil MooreDon't generate OODs from Shadow Creatures.
2015-03-10 Nicholas FeinbergDe-opacify Irradiate (CanOfWorms)
2015-03-10 Neil MooreDon't crash when Wyrmbaning a dragonform player (wheals)
2015-03-10 Nicholas FeinbergIrradiate tiles animation (CanOfWorms)
2015-03-09 Neil MooreTime out monster slow properly during torpor.
2015-03-09 Neil MooreDon't repeatedly time out monster torpor (tedric)
2015-03-09 gammafunkDon't place spectral holy swine
2015-03-09 gammafunkMake holy swine more appropriately angelic
2015-03-08 ellipticCreate a logfile entry when entering wizmode/exploremode.
2015-03-08 ontoclasmHoly swine fix (CanOfWorms)
2015-03-08 ontoclasmShard shrike tile (Bloax)
2015-03-08 Neil MooreUpdate sample CAO banner in ssh_guide.txt.
2015-03-08 ellipticStill spend a turn when attempting to burn a spellbook...
2015-03-08 ellipticAssorted Ashenzari monster equipment ID fixes.
2015-03-08 ontoclasmHog tiles (CanOfWorms)
2015-03-08 ontoclasmRoyal Jelly tile
2015-03-08 ontoclasmXTAHUA tile
2015-03-08 gammafunkSupport for building a debian package from the source
2015-03-08 gammafunkHave checkwhite ignore xpm image files
2015-03-08 ontoclasmGolden dragon tile (CanOfWorms)
2015-03-08 Shmuale MarkFix title cropping woes (#9507).
2015-03-08 ontoclasmBennu tile (Tapsu)
2015-03-08 ontoclasmPearl & iron dragon tiles (CanOfWorms)
2015-03-07 Neil MooreAdd missing spaces in skill help screen (ChrisOelmueller)
2015-03-07 Neil MooreDon't generate empty manuals with &%manual
2015-03-07 Neil MooreFix sdl2 submodule.
2015-03-07 gammafunkAdd geekosaur to CREDITS.txt
2015-03-07 brandon s allbery... Use https URLs for submodules
2015-03-06 Chris CampbellLet Call Merchant work in any branch once unexplored...
2015-03-06 Neil MooreAdd jvj24601 to credits.
2015-03-06 Neil MooreAdd waylon531 to credits (ebering)
2015-03-06 Neil MooreAdd knu to credits and mailmap (ebering)
2015-03-06 Neil MooreFix a crash with cleaving + infusion vs spectral weapons.
2015-03-06 ellipticReduce Gyre/Gimble message spam.
2015-03-05 Neil MooreShow sinv more correctly in xv.
2015-03-05 Neil MooreDon't crash when item_slot swaps on startup.
2015-03-05 ellipticGive liches back their see invisible.
2015-03-04 Shmuale MarkBuff Gimble.
2015-03-04 Shmuale MarkHide Wizardry on \ (#9517).
2015-03-04 Neil MooreDon't crash when trying to put on non-jewellery.
2015-03-04 Chris CampbellFix messaging when monsters abjure via casting Haunt
2015-03-04 Edgar A. Bering IVRemoving the macabre finger with a ring on it is no...
2015-03-04 Edgar A. Bering IVThe macabre finger can dig in your pockets even when...
2015-03-04 Edgar A. Bering IVTeleport correctly breaks mesmerising and fear (9224)
2015-03-04 Nicholas FeinbergDon't give player ghosts s2s (minmay)
2015-03-04 Chris CampbellFix necromancy miscasts tormenting LOS instead of only...
2015-03-03 ellipticDon't try to curse holy wrath weapons with Scythe of...
2015-03-03 Chris CampbellDon't allow reading magic mapping for no effect in...
2015-03-03 Chris CampbellFix messaging when branding unidentified weapons (...
2015-03-03 Chris CampbellLet shafts work on flying monsters, remove save based...
2015-03-03 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.16-a0-4134-g2ca243f 0.16-b1
2015-03-03 Chris CampbellLet Ashenzari's skill boost handle unrandart staves
2015-03-02 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'zotdef_removal'
2015-03-02 Chris CampbellMention Bend Time on ^ when worshipping Chei (Tuxi...
2015-03-02 Chris CampbellUpdate some hints mode messages
2015-03-02 Chris CampbellUpdate some tutorial messages
2015-03-02 gammafunkMake catoblepas speed 10 and reduce their breath spam...
2015-03-02 Neil MooreSimplify (wheals)
2015-03-02 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't include (inert) in the action table for xp evoker...
2015-03-02 Neil MooreBe a little more careful.
2015-03-02 Neil MooreStop vampire feeding when a corpse skeletonises.
2015-03-01 Neil MooreFix debug mode compilation (oops)
2015-03-01 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove unique annotations for god gifts and pacificatio...
2015-03-01 Neil MooreDon't use typedef with anonymous structs (minmay)
2015-03-01 ZannickPrevent infinite recursion via frenzied twins (#9137)
2015-03-01 Edgar A. Bering IVAmbrosia no longer heals more when performing fast...
2015-03-01 Neil MooreDon't suppress textinput events for AltGr on Windows...
2015-03-01 Neil MooreDon't put an extra newline after wrapcprintf.
2015-03-01 Corin Buchanan... Extend auto-pickup behavior to inert evokables (minmay)
2015-03-01 Neil MooreMake ARTP_CURSED less recursive.
2015-03-01 ellipticUpdate test/stress/qw.rc.
2015-02-27 ontoclasmBone dragon tile (CanOfWorms)
2015-02-26 ontoclasmGelatinous tiles (CanOfWorms)
2015-02-26 Neil MooreDon't butt-lify "fly" (PleasingFungus)