2014-04-09 Steve MelenchukTouch changelog with release date. 0.14.0
2014-04-09 blackcustardFix a corruption / terrain change crash.
2014-04-09 blackcustardClarify _corrupt_square.
2014-04-09 ellipticFix having a you.pet_target blocking autopickup being...
2014-04-09 Steve MelenchukMake rakshasa defense cloning a fineff and take energy...
2014-04-08 Steve MelenchukSync manual from wiki.
2014-04-08 Steve MelenchukAdd exits to a couple of shop vaults.
2014-04-08 Chris CampbellUpdate some FAQ entries
2014-04-08 Translators[Transifex] Sync.
2014-04-08 Raphael Langella[txc] don't crash when merging a new language.
2014-04-08 Translators[Transifex] Minor, typography edit (golmschenk, jackway...
2014-04-07 Chris CampbellAdd a message when casting cloud cone
2014-04-07 Chris CampbellDon't set the default language to system locale for...
2014-04-07 Chris CampbellFix some tutorial/hint messages
2014-04-07 Chris CampbellFix the tutorial not loading
2014-04-07 ellipticLet @ (and lua) display negative values for poison_surv...
2014-04-07 ellipticImprove poison_survival() a bit.
2014-04-07 ellipticApply poison damage after regeneration, and don't penal...
2014-04-06 Steve MelenchukDisable multithreaded loading on Windows (#5354).
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellFix clinging monsters "emerging from the water"
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellFix compilation
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellDon't let Phantom Mirror clone conjured monsters (...
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellClean up a check for conjured monsters
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellAdjust dragon form hit messages
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellMake a web message more generic
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellImprove some spellcasting messages
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellAdd a spell description for Phantom Mirror
2014-04-06 Nicholas FeinbergRevise various unique descriptions
2014-04-06 Chris CampbellFix Confusing Touch not reducing unarmed damage while...
2014-04-06 Nicholas FeinbergMake lava (& deep water) lethal
2014-04-06 Shmuale MarkAllow ghouls to use easy_eat.
2014-04-05 Neil MooreTab is for losing weight, not indenting Crawl.
2014-04-05 Neil MooreDon't crash when mapstat vault statistics generation...
2014-04-04 ellipticImprove display of Nemelex wrath on Ctrl-O.
2014-04-04 Steve MelenchukThe final 0.13.2 changelog update.
2014-04-04 ellipticFix issues with xv-ing unknown squares.
2014-04-03 ontoclasmGrand Avatar tile (roctavian, 8097)
2014-04-03 Chris CampbellImprove amulet of faith description
2014-04-03 Chris CampbellMake some Xom effects not affect monsters behind glass
2014-04-03 Chris CampbellReduce the volume of Xom's noise effect, don't let...
2014-04-03 Chris CampbellImprove description of slaying on non-randart rings
2014-04-02 Translators[Transifex] Sync.
2014-03-31 Cedorminor adjustement to descriptions:
2014-03-31 Steve MelenchukFix position of some demonspawn class overlays (roctavi...
2014-03-31 David PloogMinor changes to changelog.
2014-03-31 ellipticFix unrand staves being far more common than other...
2014-03-31 Chris CampbellImprove some help text
2014-03-30 Chris CampbellAdd some missing god lastnames
2014-03-30 Chris CampbellMore item description improvements
2014-03-30 Chris CampbellUpdate and improve item descriptions
2014-03-30 Chris CampbellShow full branch descriptions when examining the stairs...
2014-03-30 Chris CampbellImprove feature descriptions
2014-03-30 Chris CampbellImprove branch descriptions some more
2014-03-30 reaverFix a bug in box_level_dp
2014-03-30 Neil MooreImprovements to checkwhite and unbrace.
2014-03-30 Neil MooreFurther increase affected-cells limit in tiles.
2014-03-30 Chris CampbellDon't let queen bees cause berserking while confused...
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukA changelog touch-up to kick off the 0.14 branch. 0.14-b1
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukPurge an extraneous bit from dc-mon.txt.
2014-03-29 gammafunkRemove ordinary octopode monster gear code
2014-03-29 gammafunkRemove formicid venom mages and an associated vault
2014-03-29 gammafunkRemove unneeded references to axed monsters and move...
2014-03-29 tenofswordsReplace Lab catoblepae with Lab earth elementals
2014-03-29 tenofswordsPull together some quick edits to box_level_dp
2014-03-29 tenofswordsA brief spree of edits on kennysheep's vaults
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukLet stone giants throw rocks again.
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukRemove gnomes.
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukRemove some residual clay and stone golem references.
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukAn enum for a Phantom Mirror icon.
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukRename some rod enums.
2014-03-29 tenofswordsRevive ragdoll_tomb_raider as a regular vault
2014-03-29 David PloogSmall fix for runrest_safe_poison entry.
2014-03-29 gammafunkGive octopode crushers a hat and chance of a shield
2014-03-29 gammafunkFix equipment and constriction behavior for octopode...
2014-03-29 ellipticFix runrest_safe_poison and document it.
2014-03-29 ellipticFix poison status incorrectly showing as lethal sometimes.
2014-03-29 ellipticGive players the exact poison survival prediction value...
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaBuff Salamander Firebrands a little
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaAdd Summon Mana Viper to the Book of Hinderance
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaSome tweaks to Spider population weights
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaSome last tweaks to poison formulas for 0.14
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaProperly credit the player for damage done by Forceful...
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaBuff Forceful Dismissal damage a bit
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaCorrelate number of liquid monster spawns more directly...
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaAdjust cloud weights for Rod of Clouds
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaAdjust/normalize Rod of Clouds cloud durations
2014-03-29 DracoOmegaRename Rod of Fiery Destruction to Rod of Ignition
2014-03-29 ellipticFix amulet of faith prompting twice sometimes when...
2014-03-29 Neil MoorePut cursor at end when navigating get_line history...
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukNudge changelog.
2014-03-29 Neil MooreGive n_spe to mystery-meat renames.
2014-03-29 Neil MooreDocument tiles side-effect of name_species.
2014-03-29 tenofswordsCatch more loose plain deep dwarf monsters
2014-03-29 tenofswordsCatch one last plain deep dwarf monster.
2014-03-29 tenofswordsRemove species dummy monsters from vaults (minmay,...
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukAdd reaver to CREDITS.txt.
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukDon't randomly generate plain octopode enemies.
2014-03-29 tenofswordsNerf special_room_mythical_zoo
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukDon't treat storm clouds as harmless for many purposes...
2014-03-29 Steve MelenchukAdd harmless storm cloud lightning to runrest_ignore...