2015-04-08 Brendan HickeyFix up most of the remaining flags flags
2015-04-08 Brendan HickeyConvert arena flag to --arena and --fight
2015-04-08 Brendan HickeyConvert --print-charset flag
2015-04-08 Brendan HickeyConvert --save and --save-version to new flags
2015-04-08 Brendan HickeyFix flags errors
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyConvert --test flag
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyMore flag conversions: scripts and combos
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyMore flag tweaks
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyConvert --builddb flag
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyMore diagnostic flag tinkering
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyConvert --mapstat --objstat and --iters flags
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyConvert --seed flag
2015-04-07 Brendan HickeyConvert --macro
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyBetter score flag handling
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyRemove rc_only from initfile.
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyConvert --morgue flag
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyConvert --explore and --wizard flags
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyConvert --name flag
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyRemove --help flag
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyConvert rc, rcdir and dir flags to new style flags.
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyMore commandline options
2015-04-06 Brendan HickeyReplace some commandline arg processing
2015-04-05 Brendan HickeyDisable travis for flags branch
2015-04-05 Brendan HickeyVerify that gflags works
2015-04-04 Brendan HickeyAdd gflags.
2015-04-04 Corin Buchanan... Make stormcallers more and less like salamanders
2015-04-04 Corin Buchanan... Reconceptualize firecallers a bit
2015-04-04 Corin Buchanan... throw a bit of a curve into the flat mp formula
2015-04-03 reaverbDon't shadow a variable (
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergMention that !cancel reduces contam
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergDon't postincrement a bool in a conditional
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergAdd a clarifying message to !cancel (TAS_2012v)
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergDon't give Cerebov a wand of flame
2015-04-03 Brendan HickeyIncrease miasma rot
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergFix spellforged servitor MHP
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergBrutally nerf monster Spellforged Servitor
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a spammy dprf
2015-04-03 Nicholas FeinbergRemove the 0-stat acq special case (minmay)
2015-04-03 gammafunkTweaks to the quickstart doc (wheals, amalloy)
2015-04-03 gammafunkMove the pre-commit example and remove the outdated...
2015-04-03 gammafunkUpdate the pre-commit hook examples and add util/checkc...
2015-04-03 gammafunkUpdate repository references to github from gitorious...
2015-04-02 Shmuale MarkAdd exploding tomahawks.
2015-04-02 Shmuale MarkRemove special-cased name for gold mimic (#9603).
2015-04-02 Shmuale MarkMake G&G a pair of quick blades (#9550).
2015-04-02 Chris CampbellTweak firecaller description
2015-04-02 Jesse Luehrsupdate submodule locations
2015-04-02 Corin Buchanan... Fix some firecaller bugs
2015-04-02 Corin Buchanan... Add firecallers
2015-04-01 gammafunkBrace
2015-04-01 gammafunkDon't give merfolk impalers special armour types
2015-04-01 Alex JurkiewiczLet troll leather armour regen work on player trolls
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellMake picking up the Orb while teleporting increase...
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellCapitalise the Orb
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellEnd fear when going up stairs as well as down
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellClean up blood from flaying when changing levels
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellMake linesprint trees into permatrees
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkA lame explanation of Natasha's gimmick in her desc.
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkClarify some minutiae of Beoghite theology.
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellReduce the piety cost of TSO's angel summons
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellRework TSO ally blessings
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellFix inverted god blessing logic
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellMake MP-powered wands a single level mutation
2015-04-01 Chris CampbellAdjust some Depths spawns
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'pizza_tornado'
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkMake the initfile messages on the startup screen more...
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkRemove another global.
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkDon't say "Found X items." instead of listing the items...
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkFix some glaringly incorrect English.
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkRun checkwhite on docs/ and settings/ (reaverb).
2015-04-01 Jesse Luehrsupdate submodule locations
2015-04-01 Jesse Luehrsupdate ?? for 5 change
2015-04-01 Jesse Luehrsconsistent messaging
2015-04-01 Nicholas FeinbergMake Nergalle take 10x longer to recast DDoor
2015-04-01 Nicholas FeinbergMake Nergalle a little less dumb (PAnacea)
2015-04-01 Jesse Luehrsrestore 5 for waiting if you're all the way healed
2015-04-01 Jesse Luehrsallow resting up to a specific percent of hp/mp
2015-04-01 Nicholas FeinbergRemove Shadow Traps from generation
2015-04-01 Nicholas FeinbergCheckwhite
2015-04-01 Nicholas FeinbergDon't vary acquirement results by ability state
2015-04-01 Nicholas FeinbergAdd a 'base' param to max_stat()
2015-04-01 Jesse Luehrsmake resting always last until interrupted or done...
2015-04-01 Brendan HickeyIncrease rotting damage from melee.
2015-04-01 Brendan HickeySimply unrot_hp
2015-04-01 Brendan HickeyHW and curing heal rot first rather than last
2015-04-01 gammafunkMove curse skulls to pop_crypt now that they're not...
2015-04-01 reaverbMake the MP boost for Invocations the same as for Evoca...
2015-03-31 Chris CampbellUnbrace
2015-03-31 Chris CampbellRemove some dead code
2015-03-31 Neil MooreFix up a few more README.txt references (Medar)
2015-03-31 Neil MooreFix ?!
2015-03-31 Jesse Luehrsremove the concept of non-confusable monsters
2015-03-31 Neil MooreRemove trailing newlines.
2015-03-31 Neil MooreDon't give normal casting messages for siren/avatar...
2015-03-31 Jesse Luehrswizard spells are always silenceable
2015-03-31 Jesse Luehrsturn some weirdly natural spells into magical/wizard
2015-03-31 Jesse Luehrsmara's blink should be demonic, like rakshasas
2015-03-31 gammafunkSome tweaks to alphashops
2015-03-31 gammafunkMove a shop vault to the right location in the des
2015-03-31 Shmuale MarkTake away polymorphed Harold's speech (to fix crashes).