2015-05-13 Shmuale MarkRemove the Flight spell. master
2015-05-13 gammafunkAdd a note about the Github repo to for Gitor...
2015-05-13 Shmuale MarkCheckwhite.
2015-05-13 Shmuale MarkMake dropping take 10 aut per item rather than 8.
2015-05-13 Shmuale MarkRemove a now-incorrect line.
2015-05-13 Shmuale MarkRefactor _autoswitch_to_ranged.
2015-05-13 gammafunkCorrect Kirke's death message, simplify, and reformat
2015-05-13 gammafunkAllow delayed final effect messages to be std::string...
2015-05-13 Alan MalloyCheck for MUT_NO_LOVE before making Pikel's slaves...
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellTweak some more randart inscriptions
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellMake *Drain cause draining on unequip rather than on...
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellGive new randart properties clearer names
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellSkip removed ARTPs in the wizmode tweak menu
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellRemove the unused ARTP_TWISTER
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellSimplify
2015-05-12 Neil MooreDon't fail uniquegen test when generating no monster.
2015-05-12 Corin Buchanan... Stop generating LifeHungry
2015-05-12 reaverbRemove giant spores from natural generation
2015-05-12 Neil MooreReturn a correct exit status from .travis/
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellAllow faerie dragon armour to generate with *Tele
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellDon't let amulets of clarity get ARTP_CONFUSING
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellMake faith useless under Gozag
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellMake Jorgrun a non-deep dwarf, let him regen HP
2015-05-12 Chris CampbellTweak Joseph description
2015-05-12 reaverbClarify a line when targeting Hexes (Pollen Golem)
2015-05-12 Corin Buchanan... Prevent poison from triggering new negative randart...
2015-05-12 Corin Buchanan... Fix a function return type.
2015-05-12 Corin Buchanan... Fix typo in Confusing implementation
2015-05-12 Corin Buchanan... New negative randart property: Confusing
2015-05-12 Corin Buchanan... New negative randart property: LifeHungry
2015-05-12 Corin Buchanan... New negative randart property: Entropy
2015-05-11 Neil MooreSimplify.
2015-05-11 Neil MooreFix formatting further (wheals)
2015-05-11 Neil MooreFix an apparently backwards minor tag check.
2015-05-11 Neil MooreImprove starting note grammar (amalloy)
2015-05-11 Neil MooreConstify, rename, and format.
2015-05-11 Alan MalloyMake constriction messages use 'your' when appropriate
2015-05-10 Nicholas FeinbergAnother default rc improvement
2015-05-10 Nicholas FeinbergImprove default ghost moth rc settings
2015-05-10 Corin Buchanan... Refactor Ru sacrifice offers and allow sac delay stacking
2015-05-10 Chris CampbellDon't enter the Vaults with <
2015-05-10 Chris CampbellRemove an outdated comment
2015-05-10 Chris CampbellDon't print a message about walking into plants when...
2015-05-10 Corin Buchanan... Revert "Allow god umbras to override ring of shadows...
2015-05-10 Corin Buchanan... Allow god umbras to override ring of shadows umbra...
2015-05-10 Corin Buchanan... Remove the form of the Storm card that summons a twister
2015-05-09 Neil MooreFix delays further.
2015-05-09 Neil MooreDon't take extra turns/time when dropping worn armour...
2015-05-09 Neil MooreDon't crash when multidropping worn armour with Etheric...
2015-05-09 Neil MooreDump vault list by default in trunk.
2015-05-09 Nicholas FeinbergDon't create autoexplore insta-death traps (9706)
2015-05-09 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate ?brand desc (8800)
2015-05-09 Brendan HickeyAllow cleaving while confused.
2015-05-09 ellipticFix some builds.
2015-05-08 ellipticMake Cigotuvi's Embrace a little less silly with vast...
2015-05-08 Chris CampbellFix a wizmode message when unequipping a stack of items
2015-05-08 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.17-a0-963-gaa5423c
2015-05-08 ellipticAdd you.temp_mutation() to clua.
2015-05-07 Chris CampbellGive animated dead their own message on expiry
2015-05-07 Neil MooreDon't move tentacles under DIS_MON_ACT.
2015-05-07 Neil MooreMake DIS_CONFIRMATIONS work for a few more prompts.
2015-05-07 Shmuale MarkUpdate (hopefully fix) the Abyss bot.
2015-05-07 ellipticAdd a lua hook to answer simple yesno prompts automatic...
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkGive monster Haunt the same summon weights as player...
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkRemove goliath beetles from vaults (and the game).
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkMove AuxAttackType to, from the header.
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkFuture-proof an integer overflow check.
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkFix the fireworks test.
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkUse a message channel.
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkFix racist memorisation prompt (#9689).
2015-05-06 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor cloud dissipation
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkRemove some (hopefully) unused code.
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkSimplify and split feat_destroys_item.
2015-05-06 Shmuale MarkRename and simplify feat_virtually_destroys_item.
2015-05-06 Nicholas FeinbergUnbrace (sort of)
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellAdd a missing TAG_MAJOR_VERSION comment
2015-05-05 ellipticMerge branch 'squarelos-0.17'
2015-05-05 Alan MalloySubject/verb agreement
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellDon't let hostile summoned TRJs create jelly spawns
2015-05-05 Alan MalloyAllow > or < to move through a passage of golubria.
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellReduce alligator bands to size 2
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellRemove plain mummy death curses
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellRemove boring beetles
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellRemove baby alligators
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellMove Monstrous Menagerie into the Grand Grimoire
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellRemove Abjuration spell, lower Aura of Abjuration to L5
2015-05-05 Chris CampbellRemove curse skulls from a Zig statue vault
2015-05-05 gammafunkFix up Objstat header in the first output column
2015-05-04 Neil MooreRemove items from shopping list when abandoning Gozag...
2015-05-04 miseriumCopy tilemaps in Android builds (#9702)
2015-05-04 Chris CampbellAdd an option to disable autofight prompts when not...
2015-05-04 Chris CampbellReduce the chances of placing unrands in Crypt ends
2015-05-04 Chris CampbellFix cryptofortress_bobbens placing extra high-level...
2015-05-04 Chris CampbellRemove items from some Hell vaults
2015-05-04 Chris CampbellCorrectly mark some chaotic unrands as disliked by Zin
2015-05-04 noxdominusUpdate ru/commands.txt
2015-05-04 Neil MooreSort save browser properly.
2015-05-04 Neil MooreMake ? work on the title screen.
2015-05-04 Neil MooreDon't display help when selecting the 54th save.
2015-05-04 Neil MooreDon't duplicate shops in stash search (#9165)