2012-09-29 David Lawrence... Add spelling fixes.
2012-09-29 David PloogSinging Sword speech lines (forum)
2012-09-29 Raphael LangellaChange cleave parameters to use attacker actor instead...
2012-09-29 Raphael LangellaFix cleaving being able to attack rock worm (#6268).
2012-09-29 Neil MooreChange abominations to lightred.
2012-09-29 Neil MooreRe-add tile randomisation for abominations.
2012-09-29 Brendan HickeyAbominations are red
2012-09-29 Chris CampbellRevert some unique descriptions, fix various pronouns
2012-09-29 ellipticDocumentation for dump_on_save.
2012-09-28 Chris CampbellUnify checks for liquefaction, don't slow stationary...
2012-09-28 Chris CampbellReduce battleaxe and exec axe damage a little more
2012-09-28 Chris CampbellFix a Lair vault that couldn't be placed (HangedMan)
2012-09-28 ellipticMake dumping via lua silent.
2012-09-28 ellipticLua wrap dump_char().
2012-09-28 ellipticAdd dump_on_save option (elliott).
2012-09-27 Adam BorowskiSpew more data in the zombie size asset.
2012-09-27 Adam BorowskiAdd a comment.
2012-09-27 Adam BorowskiBe more guessful for initfile weapon selection.
2012-09-27 Adam BorowskiDon't silently ignore --mapstat.
2012-09-27 Adam BorowskiTypo fix.
2012-09-27 Chris CampbellMake the Screaming Sword violate sanctuary
2012-09-27 Raphael LangellaFix rod generation in vaults being 5 times higher than...
2012-09-27 ellipticPlayer Lua: you.breath_timeout, extra_resistant, mighty...
2012-09-26 Neil MooreUpdate shopping list count after actions (chrisoelmueller).
2012-09-26 Raphael LangellaPrevent monsters from casting heal other on the player.
2012-09-26 Raphael LangellaFix orc priests and high priests not casting heal other.
2012-09-26 Raphael LangellaDon't crash when loading wizmode saves with skills...
2012-09-26 Neil MooreNo message when distortion fails to teleport a monster...
2012-09-26 ellipticPlayer Lua: you.regenerating().
2012-09-25 Neil MooreFix a few list option examples.
2012-09-25 ellipticMove a couple of functions from dlua to clua.
2012-09-25 Neil MooreAdd rriegs to CREDITS.txt.
2012-09-25 Neil MooreCorrectly remove items from list options.
2012-09-25 Neil MooreSupport message_colour -= foo.
2012-09-25 ellipticPlayer Lua: you.silencing().
2012-09-25 Raphael LangellaCleave don't hurt neutrals.
2012-09-25 Raphael LangellaGetting a god gift stops auto_explore.
2012-09-25 ellipticAdd player Lua: you.on_fire() and you.petrifying().
2012-09-24 Raphael LangellaAdd a lua call to check for touch UI.
2012-09-24 Raphael LangellaUpdate sdl-android submodule.
2012-09-24 Raphael LangellaUpdate the android build documentation.
2012-09-24 Raphael LangellaGenerate the src link in sdl-android if it doesn't...
2012-09-24 David Lawrence... Generalize Geryon pronoun reference.
2012-09-24 Chris CampbellMake sure Geryon drops his horn before leaving the...
2012-09-23 Chris CampbellDon't multiply torment/agony damage with quad damage
2012-09-23 Chris CampbellFix monster torment damage not being reduced by rN
2012-09-23 Raphael LangellaFix dangling prompt in stop_attack_prompt.
2012-09-23 Raphael LangellaProperly handle prompts and fumbling with ctrl+dir...
2012-09-23 Raphael LangellaOnly do handle_phase_attempted() once when cleaving.
2012-09-23 Adam BorowskiDon't crash when > 8 octorings are generated in --test...
2012-09-23 Neil MooreAllow "lang = latvieŇ°u" and two 7-bit versions.
2012-09-23 Chris OelmuellerAdd another English alias for LANG_LV
2012-09-23 Chris OelmuellerFix language name typo
2012-09-23 David Lawrence... Add indentation fixes.
2012-09-23 ellipticProvide a shortcut for restricting stash searches to...
2012-09-23 Neil MooreUpdate CREDITS.txt and crawl-ref-cia
2012-09-22 Adam BorowskiCrudely move defaults out of init.txt
2012-09-22 Jason VanGives the no_pickup item property to the loot in Tomb...
2012-09-22 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Make it possible to choose between bilinear...
2012-09-22 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Determine glyph mode colour scheme from the...
2012-09-22 Florian DieboldWebtiles colour scheme tweaks.
2012-09-22 ontoclasmMake normal jewellery dark, randarts bright
2012-09-22 Neil MooreAllow teleporters to work outside the abyss.
2012-09-22 Chris CampbellRemove some references to staves being doublehanded
2012-09-22 Adam BorowskiDon't fsync() --no-save saves.
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiDon't dump regular Pan exits.
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiFix vaults generated at some stages not being dumped.
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiFix two crasher bugs when walking long enough in the...
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiA test for abyssal shifts.
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiAllow --test scripts that are disabled by default.
2012-09-21 Florian DieboldChange the colour scheme for webtiles text (in particul...
2012-09-21 Florian DieboldPrevent foreground and background colours from being...
2012-09-21 Chris CampbellAdd messages for when a good god starts their wrath
2012-09-21 Chris CampbellSet TSO penance the normal way instead of upon worshipp...
2012-09-21 Chris CampbellRemove a zombie from an entry vault
2012-09-21 TranslatorsTransifex sync.
2012-09-21 TranslatorsTranslation formatting fixes.
2012-09-21 Raphael LangellaImprove the slaying description.
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiMake breath attacks conflict with breathlessness.
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiAn indentation fix.
2012-09-21 Adam BorowskiReduce iterations in the krakens arena test.
2012-09-21 ontoclasmAdditional jewellery descriptions
2012-09-21 Neil MooreFix ego names in &^ia
2012-09-21 Neil MooreActually display &^i prompt.
2012-09-21 Neil MooreDon't crash on &t, &^ib with an empty inventory.
2012-09-21 ontoclasmRings (white_noise, 6189)
2012-09-20 Neil MooreRescale Vaults wall type probabilities (#6244).
2012-09-20 Neil MooreCheck dungeon connectivity with _dgn_square_is_passable.
2012-09-20 Neil MooreCopy mask and (some) properties when ruining a square.
2012-09-20 Adam BorowskiRemove zero-width spaces from French descriptions.
2012-09-20 Chris CampbellGive the robe of Night a passive darkness effect
2012-09-20 ellipticRemove the effect of stats on the cost of raising skill...
2012-09-20 ellipticFix stats being capped below at zero in situations...
2012-09-19 Chris Oelmueller* Arena sprint: Remove hp definition for Ereshkigal
2012-09-19 Neil MooreDon't crash when using ta with no monsters in sight.
2012-09-19 Raphael LangellaA makefile target to build android using the new submodule.
2012-09-19 Raphael LangellaMove the Android files out of the root dir.
2012-09-19 Raphael LangellaAdd Telya's android SDL port as a submodule.
2012-09-19 Neil MooreDon't cleave on a self-attack.
2012-09-19 David Lawrence... Add formatting fix.