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2012-09-29 David Lawrence RamseyAdd spelling fixes.
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2012-07-11 David PloogRandart weapon names.
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2012-07-03 Adam BorowskiMark internal db keys for random artefacts as such.
2012-06-30 Adam BorowskiAn imperial buttload of randart name parts, by jeffqyzt.
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2011-06-09 Adam BorowskiA few randart names.
2011-06-08 David Lawrence RamseyAdd another potential artefact name.
2010-11-10 markMerge branch 'zotdef-0.6' into zotdef-master
2010-05-08 David Lawrence RamseyAdd a few more randart names.
2010-04-03 David Lawrence RamseyIn randart weapon names, replace "Stasis" with "Symmetry".
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2010-01-24 Haran PilpelMerge branch 'master' into direction-rewrite
2010-01-24 Johanna PloogMerge branch 'direction-rewrite' of ssh://crawl-ref...
2010-01-23 Adam BorowskiDon't use "of Pain" as a randart name.
2009-12-08 Jude BrownMerge branch 'master' into wizlab
2009-12-07 Johanna PloogAlso disallow randart names "of Protection" to avoid...
2009-10-28 David Lawrence RamseyAdd another potential artefact name.
2009-06-17 j-p-e-g* More steps on the path to reintroducing player doll...
2009-03-13 dolorousAdd whitespace fixes.
2009-03-09 dolorousAdd randart name entry.
2009-01-26 dolorousAdd a few more randart names.
2008-12-27 dshaligramFix typo.
2008-07-20 dshaligramPan overhaul:
2008-07-12 dolorousAdd documentation updates from Markus Maier.
2008-06-14 dolorousAdd one more entry.
2008-06-14 dolorousAdd a few more randart weapon name entries.
2008-06-05 dolorousCapitalize entry.
2008-06-05 dploogMade Slime:6 chamber jellies more rare.
2008-06-05 j-p-e-gFix mimics not teleporting when attacked by reaching...
2008-06-02 dolorousAdd an entry to randart weapons' "evil stuff".
2008-06-01 dolorousRemove more unneeded blank lines.
2008-06-01 dolorousLowercase the last of the the miscellaneous names text...
2008-05-27 dolorousAdd one more entry.
2008-05-27 dolorousAfter more thought, remove one miscellaneous entry.
2008-05-27 dolorousUse some of the new miscellaneous entries elsewhere.
2008-05-27 dolorousAdd minor cosmetic fix.
2008-05-16 dolorousTweak database entry.
2008-05-16 dolorousAdd a few more database entries.
2008-05-16 dolorousAdd minor cosmetic fixes.
2008-05-08 dolorousAdd two more entries.
2008-05-07 dolorousAdd a few random artefact name entries.
2008-04-22 j-p-e-gGo all the way and also store a randart's name and...
2008-04-19 j-p-e-gRestrict randart names to a maximum length of 30. ...
2008-04-16 dolorousAdd missing newline.
2008-02-24 j-p-e-gOutsource randart names.