2013-11-02 Chris CampbellMake the D:14 shaft always go to D:15, reveal non-vault...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiDocument & ^C
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiHush a bogus warning on old compilers.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiBe more brutal while suiciding when sad about the lack...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiDon't allow the crash handler go twice if ther's no...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiAttach and run gdb during crashes.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiAnother meme-based randart name.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiWhitespace and brace fixes.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiUse regular item generation for "unfilled slot" armour...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiDrop Okawaru's chance for plain aminal skins.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiSet aptitudes for removed skills to -99 (N/A).
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiMake clang sated and old gcc intact.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiUnbreak clang builds (broken by 0.14-a0-376-gd247091).
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiApply a cursed scroll of gold detection to an Orc entry.
2013-11-02 Steve MelenchukSlightly adjusted version of gammafunk's D:14 stair...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiActually change thrashing horror's escape spell to...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiA desc for monster frenzy.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiStore the entry level for every branch (rather than...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiRepair the "no OODs in hells" rule.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiRename the "staircase back to the Crypt/Forest".
2013-11-02 David PloogGuarantee D:14 shaft vault.
2013-11-02 David PloogAllow D:14 shafts, make them known; try to always place...
2013-11-02 David PloogAlso require a rune to go from D:15 to D:14.
2013-11-02 Chris CampbellDon't give Yred piety for desecrating holy remains
2013-11-02 NaruniPrevent copies of spectral weapons
2013-11-02 Steve MelenchukFix a slightly larger problem with a giant problem...
2013-11-02 Steve MelenchukFix a small problem with a giant problem.
2013-11-02 David PloogEnable some other uniques on Swamp/etc branch ends.
2013-11-02 David PloogExclude certain uniques from Swamp/Snake/Shoals/Spider...
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiShow HOSTCC of fake_pty nicer.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiFix fake_pty not passing return codes correctly.
2013-11-02 Adam BorowskiCheck the right spot for solidity.
2013-11-02 Steve MelenchukFour small vaults to place around the D:14 stair.
2013-11-02 Steve MelenchukPlace exactly one downward/upward stair between D:14...
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiRemove a pointless vault.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: double the glow cost of Regeneration.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: turn hover into regular permaflight.
2013-11-01 Neil MooreRemove a few in-code references to LO acceleration.
2013-11-01 Neil MooreRemove references to LO movement speed changes.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: say "Glow" rather than "Hunger" on the I screen.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: allow using Death's Door.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiUse enough_mp() in more cases.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDisallow using abilities with a hp cost while under...
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiA better fail message for self-Sublimation for bloodles...
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: apply the hover speed penalty only when moving.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: strongly nerf Invo aptitude (+1 -> -1).
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiMake magical contamination grant -Wiz.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: make the contam bar show finer details.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: rescale glow to same levels as everyone else.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: forbid wielding antimagic weapons.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDeduplicate.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: satisfy nitpickers wrt that message about blood.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiDj: disallow berserk.
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiUse frenzy rather than berserk on thrashing horrors...
2013-11-01 Neil MooreAllow actions from item description even if there is...
2013-11-01 Chris CampbellFix the Tome of Destruction being usable multiple times...
2013-11-01 Chris CampbellIncrease Borgnjor's Revivification to level 8
2013-11-01 Neil MooreSet summoner when copying monster objects (#7521, ...
2013-11-01 Neil MooreUse cell_is_solid where appropriate.
2013-11-01 Neil MoorePrevent a few more potential clouds in solid features.
2013-11-01 Neil MooreFix a disc of storms rain-placement crash.
2013-11-01 Brendan HickeyRevert "Revert Abyss/Thrashing horror changes"
2013-11-01 Jason VanAbyss monster set revisions
2013-11-01 Jason VanOrganize Abyss monster set list
2013-10-31 Chris CampbellJust check stone stairs/escape hatches on D:14
2013-10-31 Chris CampbellAllow entering portal vaults and being banished on...
2013-10-31 Chris CampbellRemove runed doors from a vault
2013-10-31 Chris CampbellRevert "Purge '3' from the Abyss"
2013-10-31 Neil MooreHandle invalid abyssal levels on game load (Grunt)
2013-10-31 Neil MooreInclude abyssal level in assertion dumps.
2013-10-31 Raphael LangellaUse RUNE_LOCK_DEPTH instead of a magic number.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiProvide more information in an assert.
2013-10-31 ellipticMove the br.mid milestone to D:15.
2013-10-31 Raphael LangellaRune lock.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiFix a banished eldritch tentacle crash.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiRewrite monster_iterator.
2013-10-31 Adam Borowskimonster_near_iterator
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiRare insects, polymoths, chaos butterflies and bumblebe...
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiDon't let Xom swap weapons with something in water...
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiSimplify actor_iterator and some of its users, rename...
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiFix wind drake/Sojobo breath not working away from...
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiEject some cases outside loops.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiDump an useless vector.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiMake actor->get_los() const.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiGet rid of most types of actor_iterator.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiSimplify.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiFix a crash when a monster dies to own water-elec disch...
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukConsider Archmagi a non-strict valid brand for item...
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiDon't crash on "?/m spectral" in tiles.
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiDo try to pick Place:$ for abyss layout/spawn purposes.
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukDon't try to pick Place:0 for abyss layout/spawn purposes.
2013-10-31 Raphael LangellaDon't install transifex files.
2013-10-31 Brendan HickeyAdd Ignis, a lantern monster
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukRandom level selection for out-of-Abyss spawns (bh).
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukHave the one-in-three out-of-Abyss mons chance always...
2013-10-31 Brendan HickeyDraw some abyssal spawns from outside the abyss.
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukDon't have monsters consider blinking if Tornadoing.
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukShut up a compiler warning.
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukTornado as a monster spell for the sole use of Lom...
2013-10-31 Steve MelenchukHave the Orb not take up an inventory slot.