Revert "Revert Abyss/Thrashing horror changes"
[crawl:crawl.git] / crawl-ref / source / mon-data.h
2013-11-01 Brendan HickeyRevert "Revert Abyss/Thrashing horror changes"
2013-10-31 Adam BorowskiRare insects, polymoths, chaos butterflies and bumblebe...
2013-10-31 Brendan HickeyAdd Ignis, a lantern monster
2013-10-29 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'banish'
2013-10-19 Adam BorowskiMake monster fast regeneration a flag rather than a...
2013-10-05 Adam BorowskiReformat multi-line array literals.
2013-10-05 Adam BorowskiCollect away chaos butterflies.
2013-09-06 Adam BorowskiLet Primal Wave deal extra damage to fire-based monster...
2013-09-05 MarvinPAFix the Cloud Mage not getting spells
2013-08-26 DracoOmegaDecrease Lost Soul speed and hp slightly
2013-08-24 Neil MooreRename a no-longer-static function.
2013-08-24 cjoDisplay monster spells and magical abilities with x-v
2013-08-22 DracoOmegaIncrease dryad HD (but not hp) for Awaken Forest parity...
2013-08-22 DracoOmegaTreant stat tweaks
2013-08-14 Chris OelmuellerSpeed 10 for jellies (was: 9)
2013-08-12 Adam BorowskiDon't let unborn drop invalid corpses.
2013-08-09 Chris CampbellRename unborn deep dwarf to unborn, change glyph to L
2013-08-09 Chris CampbellRemove deep dwarf scions, artificers and necromancers
2013-08-04 DracoOmegaGreatly raise The Enchantress's xp value
2013-08-04 DracoOmegaUnnerf Spriggan Defenders a little
2013-07-30 DracoOmegaMake spirit wolves invalid polymorph targets
2013-07-30 DracoOmegaBuff Thorn Hunters
2013-07-30 DracoOmegaRemove deflect missiles from Tengu Reavers, nudge a...
2013-07-30 DracoOmegaReduce elemental wellspring hp slightly, reduce chance...
2013-07-30 DracoOmegaIncrease spriggan rider hp, raise EV to match that...
2013-07-30 DracoOmegaBuff Giant Fireflies
2013-07-30 DracoOmegaChange how Spirit Wolves work somewhat
2013-07-26 Adam BorowskiMake spiny worms, snapping turtles, guardian mummies...
2013-07-16 Adam BorowskiRemove Pan.
2013-07-13 DracoOmegaAdjust some deep elf monster XP modifiers
2013-07-13 DracoOmegaDeep Elf Conjurer tweaks
2013-07-13 DracoOmegaRemove Deep Elf Soldiers (plus band/vault adjustments)
2013-07-13 DracoOmegaRevamp Deep Elf Mage spellbooks
2013-07-13 DracoOmegaUnlink Draconian Zealot and Deep Elf High Priest spellbooks
2013-07-13 DracoOmegaMake deep elf priests more distict
2013-07-13 DracoOmegaMake deep elf summoners more distinct
2013-07-10 Adam BorowskiMake monster paladins consistent with player ones.
2013-07-10 Adam BorowskiGhostbusterize the holy spirit.
2013-07-10 Adam BorowskiMake vampire bats magenta.
2013-07-09 Chris CampbellRevert monster gargoyle clinging/holiness changes
2013-07-09 Brendan HickeyFixup Gargoyle monster stats
2013-07-09 Brendan HickeyRemove monster Gargoyle wings. Make them cling.
2013-07-07 Adam BorowskiFix dryads masquerading as merfolk.
2013-07-07 DracoOmegaReduce The Enchantress's EV, increase hp
2013-07-06 DracoOmegaRework Curse Toes
2013-07-06 DracoOmegaNew monster: Deathcap
2013-07-06 DracoOmegaDryads are not trees
2013-07-06 DracoOmegaAdjust numerous monster xp values
2013-07-04 DracoOmegaIncrease snaplasher vine damage
2013-07-04 DracoOmegaMore Crypt monster tweaks
2013-07-04 DracoOmegaRevenant tweaks
2013-06-30 Brendan HickeyMake Polymoth remains mutagenic
2013-06-28 Brendan HickeyRevert "Demonic Taxonomy"
2013-06-28 Brendan HickeyDemonic Taxonomy
2013-06-27 Neil MooreCorrect Grinder's genus.
2013-06-26 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'madness'
2013-06-26 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'madness'
2013-06-26 Brendan HickeyMoth of Madness -> Polymoth
2013-06-26 DracoOmegaAcquaint Curse Skulls with their inner mushroom
2013-06-26 DracoOmegaTengu reaver tweaks
2013-06-26 Ed GonzalezMake spectral weapon speed 30.
2013-06-24 Pete HurstMerge branch 'newskald'
2013-06-24 Pete HurstMerge branch 'newskalds' of git://
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNerf spriggan defenders a little
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaChange The Enchantress's spell set, make her magic...
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaSpriggan Enchanter (the monster) changes
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaMultiple changes to Sojobo
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaBuff black bears, make them actually spawn in early D
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaUnnerf angry bears
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaFaun and Satyr gear and spellset adjustments
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew water monster for late D (and Forest): Elemental...
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaReduce vapour HD and chance of casting lightning bolt
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew water monster for Forest: Thorn Lotus
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew monster: Treant
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaSelf water teleport for water nymphs
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew water monster for Forest: Water Nymphs
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew Forest monster: Ancient Bear
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew monster: Spirit Wolves
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaBump up wolf stats to match war dogs, replace war dogs...
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew monster: Thorn Hunter (and Briar Patches)
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaGive porcupines a couple more HD to go with their impro...
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaDryad adjustments
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaNew monster spell: Awaken Vines
2013-06-24 DracoOmegaSnaplasher Vines (for later use)
2013-06-24 Brendan HickeyMoth of Madness Fixes
2013-06-23 Pete HurstAdd M_HYBRID flag to pandemonium lords
2013-06-23 Pete HurstAllow random chimera to be created with MONS syntax
2013-06-21 Pete HurstHandle chimera noises
2013-06-21 Pete HurstMove chimera to magenta 'H' (like other hybrids)
2013-06-21 Pete HurstImplement Chimeric monsters
2013-06-21 Brendan HickeyMoth of Madness
2013-06-14 Adam BorowskiRemove include guards from *-data.h
2013-06-13 lainMerge remote-tracking branch 'qcrawl/newskalds-qoalamod...
2013-06-12 lainreduce rc and rf resistances of spectral weapon monster...
2013-06-12 lainmake the spectral weapon summon unable to regenerate
2013-06-12 laingive the spectral weapon some intial resists
2013-06-11 lainmake spectral weapon not fragile again, reintroduce...
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiForget about Maud being slightly weaker.
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiEradicate laboratory rats.
2013-06-10 lainslightly increase hp and base damage of spectral weapon