Use cell_is_solid where appropriate.
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2013-11-01 Neil MooreUse cell_is_solid where appropriate.
2013-10-29 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'banish'
2013-10-05 Adam BorowskiReformat multi-line array literals.
2013-05-30 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'master' into gargoyle_merge
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into lava_orcs
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into djinn
2013-05-27 lainMerge branch 'master' into newskalds
2013-05-19 Pete HurstMove AppHdr include into
2013-04-10 Adam BorowskiFormatting fixes.
2013-04-09 Adam BorowskiFix a warning.
2013-04-09 Pete HurstPrevent a warning, make abyssal forest slightly less...
2013-04-09 Pete HurstClean up abyssal underworld generator
2013-04-09 Pete HurstMake layout morph less quickly
2013-04-09 Pete HurstClean up errors introduced during cherry-pick
2013-04-09 Pete HurstAbyssal Underworld layout
2013-04-09 Pete HurstImplement noise wrapper functions
2013-04-09 Pete HurstCleaning up ForestLayout
2013-04-09 Pete HurstIncrease time scale
2013-04-09 Pete HurstAbyss clamp testing
2013-04-09 Pete HurstForest ProceduralLayout
2013-04-09 Pete HurstLarge abyssal terrain layout
2013-03-21 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'mon-pick'
2013-03-09 Adam BorowskiFormatting fixes.
2013-03-07 Brendan HickeyClamp Layout Tweak
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyCity Layout
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyAdd Burstiness to clamp layout.
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyClamp Layout
2013-03-05 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'meatsprint'
2013-03-04 Brendan HickeyInitialize seed member in LevelLayout.
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiDon't call a destructor explicitely.
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiFormatting fixes.
2013-03-03 Brendan HickeyDungeon Levels in the Abyss
2013-02-24 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2013-02-13 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'bad_forms'
2013-01-31 Adam BorowskiMark functions prefixes with _ as actually static.
2013-01-20 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'vehumet'
2013-01-20 Brendan HickeyAbyss: The Wastes
2013-01-09 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyWhitespace fixes
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyAbyss Changes
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyNewAbyss to Inception
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyMore Abyss Changes
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyMore vaults. Less shifts.
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyCastles
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyAbyss layout changes
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyCalm down, Abyss!
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyRiver scale
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyAbyss Shifting
2012-12-31 Brendan Hickey"And I will make you a raging river"
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyAbyss Layout: River
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyWorley Layout with Changepoints
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyProclayout fixup
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyMMT_NUKED
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyBound Abyss shifts
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyOld Abyss Clone
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyMore procedural layouts
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyProcedural Dungeon Generators!