2013-03-08 Chris CampbellUpdate STATUS_LAST_STATUS (elliott)
2013-03-08 ellipticDon't skip handle_phase_end() when bailing out of the...
2013-03-08 DracoOmegaDon't send KILL_RESET creatures to the Abyss
2013-03-08 DracoOmegaReplace an assert with a more informative error message
2013-03-08 DracoOmegaRemove companions from tracking if banishment 'killed...
2013-03-08 DracoOmegaProperly remove all companion tracking when you abandon...
2013-03-08 ellipticUse the normal attack delay when attacking empty space.
2013-03-08 Brendan HickeyDon't special case stone arches in the abyss
2013-03-08 ellipticIncrease talon damage slightly.
2013-03-07 Chris CampbellFix some issues with Troll gourmand (#6721)
2013-03-07 Chris CampbellFix auto-ID for rings of hunger (Nobody)
2013-03-07 Policarpo CaballeroOffer contaminated chunks before rotten ones if prefer_...
2013-03-07 David Lawrence... Simplify.
2013-03-07 David Lawrence... Add formatting fixes.
2013-03-07 David Lawrence... Resort Yred's likes a bit.
2013-03-07 ontoclasmTiles for THE AXE OF WOE
2013-03-07 Brendan HickeyClamp Layout Tweak
2013-03-07 DracoOmegaShow the proper tile for multi-tile sealed doors
2013-03-07 Neil MooreFormatting fix.
2013-03-07 DracoOmegaFix gup_sewer_entry_pipe coloring deep and shallow...
2013-03-07 DracoOmegaBuff vault sentinels a bit
2013-03-07 DracoOmegaList a monster's xp value when showing debug info for...
2013-03-07 DracoOmegaTentacled starspawn stat adjustments
2013-03-07 DracoOmegaDon't consider closed doors as opaque to pathfinding
2013-03-06 Neil MooreFormatting and whitespace fixes.
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaSlightly increase vault warden band size
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaFurther reduce the likelihood of monsters placing witho...
2013-03-06 Jason VanMake most vaults_room vaults place bands, plus vaults_r...
2013-03-06 Pete HurstHopefully fix band monsters in walls in V
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaDon't blame the player for the result of Hell effects
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaDon't spawn clouds and display Abyss spawn messages...
2013-03-06 Chris CampbellRandomly teleport in the Meatlord like other meatsprint...
2013-03-06 Chris OelmuellerRename {sslith} to {run} (naga barding ego:running)
2013-03-06 Chris OelmuellerRename terse ego description {rflct} to {reflect}
2013-03-06 Chris CampbellIdentify the wand of digging in trove_dig
2013-03-06 David Lawrence... Fix indentation.
2013-03-06 Brendan Hickeylong long -> uint64_t
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyCity Layout
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyWorley cell center vectors
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaRecall allies in rough order of HD (with random jitter)
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaAdd a retreat command for allies
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaMake monster debug info in wizmode display monster...
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaMake a function public and rename
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaMake tf reset allies back to BEH_SEEK
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyAdd Burstiness to clamp layout.
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaRemove a (hopefully) unnecessary line
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaFix a crash with abandoning Yred/Beogh
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaAdd a wizmode command to list Yred/Beogh followers
2013-03-06 DracoOmegaFix cloning Yred/Beogh companions via recall and stairs
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyClamp Layout
2013-03-06 Brendan HickeyRemove redundant import
2013-03-06 Chris CampbellAdd a simple scoring function to meatsprint
2013-03-06 David Lawrence... Add more formatting fixes.
2013-03-06 David Lawrence... Add formatting fixes.
2013-03-05 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'meatsprint'
2013-03-05 Neil MooreMore Vaults from HangedMan (#6703).
2013-03-05 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Don't even show the input box for spectators.
2013-03-05 Pekka LampilaMake sure to send menu_scroll before selection in WebTiles
2013-03-05 Pekka LampilaMake sure new menus are scrolled to the top in WebTiles
2013-03-05 Pekka LampilaHide WebTiles dialogs when the connection is closed
2013-03-05 Pekka LampilaCheck WebTiles menu indices after each scroll
2013-03-05 Florian DieboldFix javascript errors when spectating someone who is...
2013-03-05 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Fix the view position not being sent when...
2013-03-05 Florian DieboldFix the message window scroll position being messed...
2013-03-05 Florian DieboldFix #6724: Webtiles chat window loses focus when specta...
2013-03-05 Florian DieboldAdd Medar to the credits.
2013-03-05 Pekka LampilaClear more values in WebTiles player class init
2013-03-05 Pekka LampilaSupport numpad insert in WebTiles
2013-03-05 Pekka LampilaSupport numpad 5 in WebTiles
2013-03-05 Chris CampbellFix a vault that could trap players
2013-03-05 David Lawrence... Tweak wording.
2013-03-05 David Lawrence... Rework Donald's Vehumet complaints to account for the...
2013-03-05 David Lawrence... Capitalization fix.
2013-03-05 ontoclasmTurtle tiles
2013-03-05 Brendan HickeyExorcise Poltergeists
2013-03-05 Brendan HickeyComment Procedural level generators.
2013-03-05 ontoclasmSkeleton tiles (Aygtets, 6735)
2013-03-04 Samuel BronsonWiden the domain of perlin::noise to cover at least...
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Reorder conduct checks a bit.
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Fix abbreviation.
2013-03-04 ontoclasmFix comments
2013-03-04 ontoclasmTiles for sealed doors
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Comment fix.
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Don't mark Cigotuvi's Degeneration as corpse-violating...
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Fix spacing.
2013-03-04 Steve MelenchukPrevent grunt_runaround subvaults from placing on their...
2013-03-04 Samuel BronsonAdd some comments to
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Make Yred appreciate desecrating holy remains (for...
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Simplify.
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Comment fixes.
2013-03-04 David Lawrence... Add formatting fixes.
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiFree the cached abyss grid in some cases.
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiIndentation fixes.
2013-03-04 Brendan HickeyInitialize seed member in LevelLayout.
2013-03-04 Brendan HickeyAbyss Seed Initialization
2013-03-04 DracoOmegaPrevent poison and miasma clouds from angering allies
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiEnsure the database is up to date before running canned...
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiDon't call a destructor explicitely.
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiMake missing BYTE_ORDER defines fatal, rather than...
2013-03-04 Adam BorowskiFormatting fixes.