2013-10-31 Neil MooreSimplify.
2013-10-31 Brendan HickeySet Abyssal sub-branch when initializing.
2013-10-31 Brendan HickeyAdd a branch to the abyss.
2013-10-30 Translators[Transifex] Sync.
2013-10-30 Adam BorowskiUse French spacing in jump attack descs.
2013-10-30 gammafunkRemove reference to increased jump-attack damage and...
2013-10-30 Adam BorowskiDe-noise Elemental Staff.
2013-10-30 Steve MelenchukProperly enumerate High Council's player doll tile.
2013-10-30 Steve MelenchukDon't space out on unrand inscriptions (#7685).
2013-10-30 Steve MelenchukDe-noise High Council.
2013-10-30 Adam BorowskiElemental Staff rework, try 2.
2013-10-30 Raphael LangellaIncrease the size of the description box in species...
2013-10-30 Neil MooreDon't mandate uniqueness of custom inscriptions (pubby)
2013-10-30 Neil MooreFix whitespace.
2013-10-30 Neil MooreFix behaviour event and agentless crash in drain life.
2013-10-30 Neil MooreDon't crash on agentless refrigerate.
2013-10-30 ontoclasmBrighten centaur tiles
2013-10-29 Steve MelenchukUnrand: the +2 hat of the High Council {Archmagi, Wiz...
2013-10-29 Steve MelenchukAllow unrands to have a special string added to their...
2013-10-29 Steve MelenchukUse dbname for mimic_name() instead of basename.
2013-10-29 ontoclasmMacabre finger tile (pubby, 7642)
2013-10-29 Adam BorowskiAdd big fat (but not fat or scary enough) warnings...
2013-10-29 Adam BorowskiJoin Snakebite with Sniper, blowgun Assassin, Accuracy...
2013-10-29 Neil MooreCorrect a renamed spell in two Sprints (#7678).
2013-10-29 Neil MooreUse a member, not a constructor parameter.
2013-10-29 Neil MooreSuppress Elemental Staff brands.
2013-10-29 Neil MooreSuppress monster weapon brands.
2013-10-29 Adam BorowskiNerf quitrobin by removing starting gold.
2013-10-29 Adam BorowskiSpecify upgrade inhibition in art-data.txt
2013-10-29 Adam BorowskiUpdate unrands on game load.
2013-10-29 Adam BorowskiShorten the inscription on Elemental Staff a bit.
2013-10-29 Adam BorowskiRework the Elemental Staff.
2013-10-29 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'banish'
2013-10-29 Neil MooreDon't wind blast monsters through walls (Naruni, #7434)
2013-10-29 Steve MelenchukA couple of Hell entry vaults.
2013-10-29 Steve MelenchukFallback functionality for chance_ tag groups.
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiReplace a weird use of distance_iterator by adjacent_it...
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiAllow viewing remembered info about out of LOS stuff.
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiPoint out the location of monsters in wall if DEBUG_FAT...
2013-10-28 Neil MooreRevert "Veto on failure to place a 100% chance vault."
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiDon't use an obscure word in a comment.
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiDon't impose TSO penance for reflecting poison/draining...
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiMove some boring test settings aside.
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiDrop a token file into test/big/
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiVastly shorten test/big/abyss_shift.lua, enable it...
2013-10-28 Adam Borowski"./crawl -test list" to enumerate available internal...
2013-10-28 Adam BorowskiA couple more test cases.
2013-10-28 ontoclasmAdditional gargoyle base tiles (Xion350, 7631)
2013-10-28 ontoclasmIcon for durably-summoned monsters
2013-10-28 Steve MelenchukEven out the distribution by dungeon level of the food...
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiActually init per-game seeds outside save transfers.
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiMake -test NORETURN and easier to valgrind.
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiFix a --test crash.
2013-10-27 Chris CampbellRemove some unused commands
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiUse a COMPILE_CHECK instead of an ASSERT.
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiUse the proper #define for berserk hunger boundary.
2013-10-27 Neil MooreImprove a variable name.
2013-10-27 Neil MooreEnd the tournament.
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiDrop an untrue comment.
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiDon't consider a hard_reset dismissal on the arena...
2013-10-27 Neil MooreSync manual from Wiki.
2013-10-27 Chris CampbellRemove the =s inscription
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiFix an use-after-free crash.
2013-10-27 Chris CampbellAdjust some guarded_unrand vaults
2013-10-27 Chris CampbellDon't allow Vampires to be lichformed
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiFix Xom's lifesaving on unhandled mutations.
2013-10-27 Adam BorowskiKill the player upon gaining frail / losing robust...
2013-10-27 Steve MelenchukVeto on failure to place a 100% chance vault.
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiRefactor additional messages for new monsters spawning.
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiAs abyss monster creation messages imply visible, simplify.
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiShorten.
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiRebase hunger values at 0 (from 100).
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiAllow +Rage, *RAGE, -TELE and Contam on faerie dragon...
2013-10-26 Neil MooreDon't crash when using ETC_WAVES outside of Shoals.
2013-10-26 Neil MooreReundeadify vampires on game load (#7668)
2013-10-26 Neil MooreDon't enliven vampires when leaving lich form (#7668).
2013-10-26 Neil MooreFix cygwin (and maybe other) rltiles tool builds.
2013-10-26 Neil MooreSimplify.
2013-10-26 Chris CampbellDon't deal Awaken Forest damage to sanctuaried players...
2013-10-26 Chris CampbellMake Xom's draining effect only drain once
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiAssert that the player has hp > 0 when saving.
2013-10-26 Steve MelenchukMinor adjustments to two of the abyss entries.
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiTypo fixes.
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiRewrite (x*y)/z as x*y/z
2013-10-26 Adam BorowskiA bunch of decorative abyss entry vaults.
2013-10-26 Steve MelenchukHandle messages for exploding projectiles at walls...
2013-10-26 Neil MooreDon't give malformed messages for invis abyss spawns...
2013-10-26 Steve MelenchukChangelog through 0.14-a0-385-gada9c99.
2013-10-26 Steve MelenchukHellfire-the-unrand gains a "hellfire brand".
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukSpruce up abyss entries (incl. #6921).
2013-10-25 Chris CampbellRemove now-unnecessary no_rtele_into from a vault
2013-10-25 Chris CampbellMake some portal vaults easier to enter
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukSpruce up Hell and Pan entries.
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukConsider encompass vaults to have a "layout_type_encomp...
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukAllow vaults to have "nolayout_" tags.
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukFix portal vault chance tagging.
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukDon't freeze fsim on spurious ranged combat prompts.
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukProperly handle ranged unrands affecting their ammo.
2013-10-25 Steve MelenchukTag the noncrumbling statue vaults as extra.
2013-10-25 Adam BorowskiGreatly reduce hunger of trolls of Chei.