2012-10-31 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.0-rc1 v2.0.0-rc1
2012-10-31 Mike PallUpdate docs for release candidate.
2012-10-31 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2012-10-31 Mike PallInstall bin/luajit symlink for non-beta releases.
2012-10-29 Mike PallFFI: Fix code generation for replay of sunk float fields.
2012-10-28 Mike PallDocument tonumber() enhancements.
2012-10-24 Mike PallFix builtin string to number conversion for INT_MIN.
2012-10-24 Mike PallRemove strict.lua.
2012-10-24 Mike PallRelease planning update.
2012-10-21 Mike PallReplace error with PANIC for callbacks from JIT-compile...
2012-10-21 Mike PallFix detection of immutable upvalues.
2012-10-19 Mike PallFix recording of equality comparisons with __eq metamet...
2012-10-17 Mike PallExtended Android build instructions.
2012-10-17 Mike PallFix Android/x86 build.
2012-10-16 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.0-beta11 v2.0.0-beta11
2012-10-16 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2012-10-15 Mike PallMIPS: Compile math.sqrt() to sqrt.d instruction.
2012-10-15 Mike PallPPC: Compile math.sqrt() to fsqrt instruction.
2012-10-15 Mike PallARM: Drop hard-fp variants of floor/ceil/trunc.
2012-10-15 Mike PallDynASM/ARM: Fix conditional VFP instruction encoding.
2012-10-15 Mike PallARM, MIPS: Fix workaround for argument GPRs vs. FPR...
2012-10-14 Mike PallWorkaround for broken Android sprintf("%g", -0.0).
2012-10-14 Mike PallUpdate Android install docs.
2012-10-14 Mike PallAdd note to recalcitrant distro maintainers.
2012-10-14 Mike PallDocumentation cleanup and reorganization.
2012-10-13 Mike PallDocumentation layout changes.
2012-10-12 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add package.loadlib(libname, "*").
2012-10-12 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add format options to io.lines().
2012-10-11 Mike PallFix assertion.
2012-10-10 Mike PallFFI: Update docs on FFI semantics.
2012-10-10 Mike PallFFI: Compile ffi.gc().
2012-10-10 Mike PallFFI: Compile ffi.sizeof(), ffi.alignof() and ffi.offset...
2012-10-09 Mike PallFFI: Compile array/struct copies.
2012-10-09 Mike PallFFI: Optimize ffi.copy() and ffi.fill().
2012-10-09 Mike PallAdd LJ_TARGET_UNALIGNED.
2012-10-09 Mike PallAdd FOLD rules for of KINT.
2012-10-09 Mike PallDon't use stack unwinding for lua_yield().
2012-10-08 Mike PallFFI: Add support for copy constructors.
2012-10-07 Mike PallPPC: Fix string.sub() range check.
2012-10-07 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add string.rep(s, n, sep).
2012-10-07 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add math.log(x, base).
2012-10-04 Mike PallClarify comments in Makefile on -DLUAJIT_ENABLE_LUA52CO...
2012-10-03 Mike PallFix scope for resolving break labels.
2012-10-02 Mike PallFix x64 build.
2012-10-02 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: '%s' option to string.format() behaves...
2012-10-02 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Return nil for bad position in string...
2012-10-02 Mike PallMove a GC macro.
2012-10-01 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add luaL_traceback().
2012-09-28 Mike PallUpdate dependencies.
2012-09-28 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Allow mixed metamethods for ordered compa...
2012-09-28 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Remove error for ambiguous function call...
2012-09-28 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Return file object for io.write() and...
2012-09-28 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add table.pack(). Needs -DLUAJIT_ENABLE_L...
2012-09-27 Mike PallFFI: ctypeid of ctype object is immutable.
2012-09-27 Mike PallFold KPTR + offset in SPLIT pass.
2012-09-27 Mike Pallx86: Fix register allocation for calls returning regist...
2012-09-24 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Extended results from os.execute() and...
2012-09-24 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add debug.getuservalue() and debug.setuse...
2012-09-24 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add rawlen(). Needs -DLUAJIT_ENABLE_LUA52...
2012-09-24 Mike PallRearrange library functions to get a fixed FF_next.
2012-09-24 Mike PallRemove some library functions for no-JIT/no-FFI builds.
2012-09-24 Mike PallAllow conditional inclusion of builtin library functions.
2012-09-21 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add mode and env arguments to load*().
2012-09-21 Mike PallMove load/dump functions to lj_load.c. Add load modes.
2012-09-21 Mike PallFix package.searchpath().
2012-09-20 Mike PallFix last commit.
2012-09-20 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add debug.upvalueid() and debug.upvaluejo...
2012-09-20 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: debug.getinfo(..., "u") returns nparams...
2012-09-20 Mike PallFix 'f' and 'L' options for debug.getinfo() and lua_get...
2012-09-19 Mike PallDisable LUA_COMPAT_GFIND and LUA_COMPAT_MOD in Lua...
2012-09-19 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: debug.setmetatable() returns object.
2012-09-19 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: 'break' allowed anywhere.
2012-09-19 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: debug.getlocal() accepts function arg...
2012-09-19 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: debug.getlocal()/setlocal() treats slot...
2012-09-19 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: debug.getupvalue() returns "" for C funct...
2012-09-16 Mike PallFrom Lua 5.2: Add goto and ::label:: statements.
2012-09-12 Mike PallFix despecialization of ITERN when already running.
2012-09-12 Mike PallUse 0/1 macro for Lua 5.2 compatibility.
2012-09-12 Mike PallAdd more assertions for stack consistency during recording.
2012-09-10 Mike PallFFI: Correctly propagate alignment when interning neste...
2012-09-08 Mike PallFFI: Always resolve metamethods for pointers to structs.
2012-09-03 Mike PallFFI: Handle __pairs/__ipairs metamethods for cdata...
2012-09-03 Mike PallFix recording of ctype() constructors for pointers.
2012-08-31 Mike PallPreserve snapshot #0 PC for all traces (potential gcste...
2012-08-30 Mike PallAdd check for unsupported MIPS soft-float targets.
2012-08-28 Mike PallLimit recursion depth in string.match() et al.
2012-08-28 Mike PallDon't constify upvalues that may retain large amounts...
2012-08-27 Mike PallFFI: Detect type punning through unions.
2012-08-27 Mike PallAdd table of IR type sizes.
2012-08-27 Mike PallARM, PPC, MIPS: Improve XLOAD operand fusion and regist...
2012-08-27 Mike PallFix underflow handling in builtin string to number...
2012-08-26 Mike PallReplace some trivial uses of fprintf() with fputs.
2012-08-26 Mike PallReplace divisions with simpler code.
2012-08-26 Mike PallFix compilation with FFI disabled.
2012-08-26 Mike PallRemove old Makefile rules.
2012-08-25 Mike PallReplace strtod() with builtin string to number conversion.
2012-08-25 Mike PallAdd support for '%a' and '%A' to string.format.
2012-08-25 Mike PallARM: Fix base register coalescing.
2012-08-25 Mike PallARM: Fix commit ceaa60c0.
2012-08-20 Mike PallMinor fixes to FOLD rules.