2011-02-11 Mike PallRELEASE LuaJIT-2.0.0-beta6 v2.0.0-beta6
2011-02-11 Mike PallFFI: Disable unused code for some build modes.
2011-02-11 Mike PallUpdate changelog.
2011-02-11 Mike PallCleanup of docs.
2011-02-11 Mike PallFFI: Finish FFI docs.
2011-02-10 Mike PallFFI: Finish docs on FFI semantics. Phew.
2011-02-10 Mike PallFix various HTML errors in the docs.
2011-02-09 Mike PallFFI: Add more docs on FFI semantics.
2011-02-08 Mike PallFFI: Document current FFI implementation status.
2011-02-08 Mike PallFix bytecode optimization of and/or operators.
2011-02-07 Mike PallFFI: Record ffi.abi().
2011-02-07 Mike PallFFI: Record ffi.copy() and ffi.fill().
2011-02-07 Mike PallFFI: Fix recording of pointer arithmetic.
2011-02-07 Mike PallAdd IR_XBAR, a barrier against XLOAD/XSTORE optimizations.
2011-02-07 Mike PallImprove static assertion macro.
2011-02-07 Mike PallFFI: Allow cdata types for integer arguments of ffi...
2011-02-07 Mike PallFFI: Fix handling of enum arguments to C calls.
2011-02-06 Mike PallFFI: Perform stricter checks in ffi.cast(). Record...
2011-02-06 Mike PallFFI: Simplify and fix tonumber() for cdata objects.
2011-02-05 Mike PallStrength-reduce 32 to 64 bit widening for XLOAD U8...
2011-02-05 Mike PallFFI: Limit number of arguments for recorded calls.
2011-02-05 Mike PallFFI: Record simple C function calls.
2011-02-05 Mike PallFFI: Optimize snapshots for cdata comparisons.
2011-02-05 Mike PallFix metamethod comparisons triggered by BC_ISEQP/BC_ISNEP.
2011-02-05 Mike PallFFI: Record C library namespace lookups.
2011-02-05 Mike PallTreat metatables of special userdata objects as immutable.
2011-02-05 Mike PallFFI: Record ffi.string().
2011-02-05 Mike PallFFI: Avoid intermediate boxes for tonumber(), too.
2011-02-03 Mike PallFFI: Disable MUL => BSHL FOLD rule on 32 bit.
2011-02-03 Mike PallFFI: Rename IR_CNEWP to IR_CNEWI and use it to box...
2011-02-02 Mike PallRename IR_POWI to IR_POW.
2011-02-02 Mike PallFFI: Add basic FOLD rules for 64 bit integer DIV, MOD...
2011-02-02 Mike PallFFI: Record 64 bit integer divide and modulo.
2011-02-02 Mike PallUse names defined in lualib.h for library registration.
2011-02-02 Mike PallFix OSX build to work with newer ld64 versions.
2011-02-02 Mike PallAdd SPLIT pass to split 64 bit IR instructions for...
2011-02-01 Mike PallAdd SSE3 CPU feature detection.
2011-01-29 Mike PallFFI: Limit index range for complex numbers.
2011-01-29 Mike PallFFI: Implement POSIX/x64 struct-by-value calling conven...
2011-01-28 Mike PallFix 64 bit case of (SUB x x) and (BXOR x x) FOLD rules.
2011-01-28 Mike PallFFI: Split up 64 bit x^k helper into signed/unsigned.
2011-01-27 Mike PallFFI: Fix various issues with C type table reallocations.
2011-01-27 Mike PallFFI: Fix symbol name redirection.
2011-01-26 Mike PallFFI: Move code for cdata arithmetic to lj_carith.c.
2011-01-26 Mike PallFFI: Record cdata indexing with integer cdata.
2011-01-26 Mike PallFFI: Allow cdata indexing with integer cdata.
2011-01-26 Mike PallFix comments for BC_ITERN.
2011-01-26 Mike PallFFI: Convert enum return value of C function to underly...
2011-01-26 Mike PallOne more fix for the trace flush logic. Sigh.
2011-01-26 Mike PallFFI: Add symbol name redirection.
2011-01-25 Mike PallARM: Add ARM target architecture selection (disabled).
2011-01-24 Mike PallFFI: Don't force zero terminator on string to array...
2011-01-23 Mike PallClear bytecode penalty cache in jit.flush().
2011-01-23 Mike PallFFI: Fix ffi.load() error message on Windows.
2011-01-23 Mike PallFFI: Simplify initializer rules. Clarify docs.
2011-01-22 Mike PallAnother fix for the trace flush logic. I'll get this...
2011-01-20 Mike PallFFI: Add preliminary FFI documentation (still incomplete).
2011-01-20 Mike PallPPC: Fix ipairs() for keys in the hash part.
2011-01-19 Mike PallAdd compile-time option LUAJIT_ENABLE_CHECKHOOK. Disabl...
2011-01-19 Mike PallCombine i8/u8 XLOAD with BAND+comparison into test...
2011-01-19 Mike PallAdd volatile XLOADs.
2011-01-18 Mike PallDifferentiate between IR_KPTR and IR_KKPTR.
2011-01-18 Mike PallFix for the fix for the trace flush logic.
2011-01-18 Mike PallCleanup and fix trace flush logic.
2011-01-17 Mike PallFFI: Record 64 bit integer comparisons and pointer...
2011-01-17 Mike PallFFI: Record conversions from bool ctype.
2011-01-17 Mike PallAdd trace recorder infrastructure for instruction post...
2011-01-17 Mike PallFFI: Don't swap operands for cdata __eq metamethod...
2011-01-16 Mike PallFFI: Record conversions to bool ctype.
2011-01-16 Mike PallFix assertion.
2011-01-16 Mike PallFFI: Allow indexing a struct constructor to get constants.
2011-01-13 Mike PallFFI: Record conversions from strings to enums or pointers.
2011-01-13 Mike PallAdd FOLD rule for CONV.num.u32 KINT.
2011-01-13 Mike PallFix recording of select() with multi-char string as...
2011-01-13 Mike PallFFI: Cleanup some type conversions.
2011-01-13 Mike PallFFI: Add 64 bit integer comparisons and pointer compari...
2011-01-12 Mike PallFFI: Simplify logic for pointer arithmetic.
2011-01-12 Mike PallFFI: Rearrange code in lib_ffi.c.
2011-01-12 Mike PallFFI: Untangle and fix calling convention definitions.
2011-01-12 Mike PallAvoid compiler warnings.
2011-01-11 Mike PallFFI: Fix C calls with complex values on x64.
2011-01-11 Mike PallFFI: Lookup decorated name for fastcall/stdcall functions.
2011-01-10 Mike PallFFI: Auto-detect __stdcall and fix up C function declar...
2011-01-10 Mike PallFFI: Add ffi.load() and ffi.C default namespace.
2011-01-10 Mike PallFFI: Fix function pointer lookup for calls.
2011-01-09 Mike PallFFI: Preserve stack top across implicit load of FFI...
2011-01-09 Mike PallBump copyright date to 2011.
2011-01-09 Mike PallFFI: Handle NYI cases for cdata call metamethod.
2011-01-09 Mike PallFFI: Add missing GC steps for C function calls.
2011-01-06 Mike PallFix Windows/x86 build and update pregenerated files.
2011-01-06 Mike PallFFI: Add support for calling C functions.
2011-01-05 Mike PallAvoid compiler warnings.
2011-01-05 Mike PallFFI: Add missing link to parameters for C function...
2011-01-05 Mike PallFix handling of floats in x86/x64 backend.
2011-01-05 Mike PallFFI: Force snapshot after store to cdata.
2011-01-03 Mike PallFFI: Record 64 bit integer arithmetic.
2011-01-03 Mike PallAdd support for non-constant integer IR_MUL to backend.
2011-01-03 Mike PallAdd support for integer IR_NEG to backend.
2011-01-03 Mike PallFFI: Record pointer arithmetic.
2011-01-02 Mike PallFFI: Add support for cdata constants to IR.